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Thursday, 17 January 2013

My rant on #listen
Brothers and sisters,

I'm sure most of us have by now have been exposed to the recent internet phenomena. I'm not exactly too fond of what happened but when things go wrong you know they get really wrong. Applying Murphy's Law that states "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong", I believe such a thing would occur eventually, with our ever increasing interest over the political turmoil which has cursed this country ever since the General Elections have been nearing.

I guess the most fascinating thing is the reactions that have manifested over the few days that the video have been posted. Some show disgust, some show pity whilst some merely laugh at the reactions of others. There has been no shortage of memes of the incident either.

Forgive me if I am mistaken, but after scrutinizing the series of drollery among my peers, I have concluded (I represent myself, and no study has been conducted) that the majority have been more fond of the younger speaker. This majority however to me consists mostly of the youths. It is in my observation that I have found a rather intriguing link to such comradery among them.

Again I must reiterate, this is merely my belief and opinion and it does not represent any person other than me. I am on the impression that the youth of today have something in common, something we all go through and are sick of, and that is being shunned by those older than us. I believe that every one of us have been at least once told to keep our ideas to ourselves merely for the reason that we are younger than them. They believe that being older makes them better at everything. I'm not saying every adult is like that. I'm merely stating that these few people who exist out there believe that respect has to overcome stupidity. That just because you are older, your words will always be gold to us. Even if those words mean nothing. It irritates me how often this happens in life. That is why I believe that such a strong force have been behind the younger speaker and this I say again with the most humble tone, I am speaking for myself and I am sorry for any clashes with your opinions.

May Allah protect us from the fiery depths of hell.

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