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Friday, 30 September 2011

Filter Bubbles

Hey guys, I'm not exactly back one hundred percent but what I want to share with you is something you might not have heard of. If you have, you might have never knew that it is this severe.


Have you ever wondered why some of your friends get more likes than you on Facebook sometimes? Is there a real secret behind it? Well let me tell you this. Facebook actually tracks down the links you open on Facebook. Who's profile have you opened, what link you have opened, with whom do you interact with. Well, the thing is, the links and people whose profile you have opened? Yeah, Facebook makes sure you see more of their posts than those that you have not opened. Sometimes they even remove other peoples news in your feed without you knowing it. This actually answered my question of, if I'm friends with 2,000 people on Facebook, how can it be that I'll be seeing all of their updates? Surely I would miss a lot. That is true, and that's why you only see certain posts from certain friends!


I don't think that this is surprising though. But I should make it clearer here. If you searched from one computer on Google and searched from another computer using Google, chances are, you will get different results! I'm not kidding, go ahead, try it out! Google makes a record on everything related to you. It will know your computer type, what browser you are using, and even where you live! My god. These are being done whilst you are happily searching on Google!

So what does the title up there mean you ask?

Filter Bubbles are like this. You like Islam. You Google it. Then comes out all these nice results about Islam. The teachings, the principles, the beliefs, and etc. But, if another person around the world who despises Islam Googles the same word, his results might come out different, it might have posts on terrorism, the news of terrorist, etc. You get the idea.

Here's the video that reveals it all.

Want to remove Filter Bubbles?

Click here.

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