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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A New Start..

"You have 30 minutes to revise", the lecturer announced. By then I knew what was coming. We all anticipated it. News like this travels like wildfire. I was one of those unlucky enough to only find out an hour before the tutorial class. "I shall give you some questions after this", finished the lecturer.

I wasn't exactly in the mood for such an event. The night before I was feeling sick and my condition worsened the next day. In fact, I had a mild headache during the test. To make matters worse, I forgot my notes. I guess I was lucky enough to have a friend share her notes with me.

"Time's up"

It seems as if those words were echoing for an eternity as I waited for the questions to be presented on the projector screen.

5 questions were presented before me. All of them I had answers to. But which one should I pick?

I took the easiest one. (Which is so obvious)

Discuss statehood in the international blah blah. LOL. It's not that I don't like the subject. I seriously can't remember the question.

When I finally finished answering. There were only a few of us left in the class. Then I walked out.

My motive of telling you this pointless story? I had nothing better to do. HAHA

P/S: Don't get mad.. :P.. They say you age faster if you are mad all the time. Teehee.

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