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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Amazing: Artificial flying bird.

I've always dreamed of a day where humans could build robots that could fly like birds. It's amazing that they can do it already! Check out this video. The intro might be boring but rest assured, it will be something worth the wait.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A New Start..

"You have 30 minutes to revise", the lecturer announced. By then I knew what was coming. We all anticipated it. News like this travels like wildfire. I was one of those unlucky enough to only find out an hour before the tutorial class. "I shall give you some questions after this", finished the lecturer.

I wasn't exactly in the mood for such an event. The night before I was feeling sick and my condition worsened the next day. In fact, I had a mild headache during the test. To make matters worse, I forgot my notes. I guess I was lucky enough to have a friend share her notes with me.

"Time's up"

It seems as if those words were echoing for an eternity as I waited for the questions to be presented on the projector screen.

5 questions were presented before me. All of them I had answers to. But which one should I pick?

I took the easiest one. (Which is so obvious)

Discuss statehood in the international blah blah. LOL. It's not that I don't like the subject. I seriously can't remember the question.

When I finally finished answering. There were only a few of us left in the class. Then I walked out.

My motive of telling you this pointless story? I had nothing better to do. HAHA

P/S: Don't get mad.. :P.. They say you age faster if you are mad all the time. Teehee.


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