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Thursday, 21 April 2011

What Happens Now?

I have to say.. I've abandoned this blog for awhile.. I guess I'm at loss for words here.. Its like having writers block.. Ideas do not flow to me as frictionless as before.. It devours a much more devastating time limit as before.. You know that moment in life.. When your fingers are on the keyboard and there's nothing you can do about the abyss of obscure conceptions which arise in your head.. It's not that no such thought has emanated from your mind.. It's just.. It takes time to comprehend what you want to expound exactly..

The presence of ideas itself do not promise a means of exhibiting it.. What is present doesn't always have to be seen.. I'm surprised you've been reading up to this point..

Enough with the ramblings..

To the very impetus that you are reading this.. What happens now refers to my question onto what will happen to us now? I ask myself whether such a inquiry is appropriate.. We are often mesmerized by what we are going through that sometimes we forget the future is unknown.. Don't we realize that what we have now may perish tomorrow? That what we have today might not appear tomorrow? That our lives are something of uncertainty, and that anything goes..

This post does not wish to provoke a feeling of uneasiness.. Rather.. It aims at being a catalyst of living a life that has value..

I've had colleagues who have complained that this is hard.. That is hard.. But from what I see.. They do not invest their time in improving what they deem as hard.. Then why do they question such a predicament? They have brought it upon themselves.. They have failed to understand the fact that what they do today will effect tomorrow.. Isn't that just obvious? But why do they still play around like fools?

The government gives them support.. Allowances.. Not for them to fool around.. The money is given as a responsibility.. To use for the sake of their future.. How dare they question the amount if the effort they put into studying is minimal.. 

So I really have to say.. If you want something.. Do something..

That's the easiest way of obtaining something.. My way is different maybe.. But who knows if you can use my method and succeed better?


syaiful aidil said...

u put ur effort to type, i put my effort to read. ^^

yeah, want something, do something. No pain no gain right.

Arif Azmi said...

hehe.. :D.. Thanks!!

Yeah! No pain.. No gain!


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