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Saturday, 30 April 2011

What Burns My Spirit

Warning! This post has ramblings, If you do not approve of an individuals complaining, please do not carry on.

Some people have asked me this.




What is it that burns my spirit to strive in my studies? Although I am far from being a success, people still want to know. You know what? I'll tell you anyway.

The thing that burns my spirit is thinking about those who have pushed me down so hard that it makes me want to show them that they are nothing. I am constantly on the run of proving them that I am better than them. To tell you the truth, as much as I aspire to smack them in the head, I find it more pleasing to show those blundering idiots a piece of my mind through laughing when I reach the top. I know it sounds somewhat devilish but that's what moves me.

I've had countless people who have either harmed me verbally or physically, and the outcomes of which I seek are often visible. They say,

"What goes around, comes back around."

"What you give, you get back."

Rarely do these individuals escape from my belief in karma. They often end up worse than what they had done to me. I'm not going to lie. It always feels good. I do not easily forgive people, especially those who have humiliated me. Instead, my output is through shutting up and humiliating them silently by proving that they have nothing to be proud of, and that they can reminisce on the things they have done to me and regret it because what's done is done.

Am I one of them you ask? Seriously, don't worry, most probably you're not one of them. Cause if you are, you won't be asking that question.

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