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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Uncertain Future

Before I move on to why the title is like that, let me apologize for not updating my blog these few days.. :).. Sorry guys.. Been busy on my other blog..

"I don't know what my plans are for the future", "What will be, will be", and "I'll just go with the flow". Have you guys ever heard of these phrases before?

I'm pretty sure you have. So what's my point? Well.. My point is.. Those phrases are "cool" and all but I have a feeling that the individual who uttered these very phrases aren't really planning for their future.. Which to me isn't a big deal since you are not me.. But to me.. If I said those things.. I'd be probably be really going nowhere.

"Those who fail to plan, plan to fail"

Seriously.. If you don't plan your future now.. You ain't going nowhere.. I know how hard it is sometimes.. You get scared.. You freak out.. Just the thought of not achieving what you put to mind could be devastating.. But, at least you have a goal.. I'm really sick of my friends (some of them) who tell me, "Hey! God has a plan for all of us. So lets kick back and enjoy the show!". If you say that I hope god gives you a smack in the head. Cause you didn't even care to put in much effort into it.

If a guy runs in a race. Will he run passionately if he doesn't know what he'll achieve when he wins?  I doubt it. He'll be taking his time strolling around cause he doesn't have a goal to achieve. In fact, he'd probably be taking a nap enjoying the show.

Bla.. Bla.. Bla.. Yeah.. I sound like a big babbling oaf right? LOL.. Whatever.. Cause this is special for you guys who think that you shouldn't plan for your future.. I mean, be prepared with an umbrella before it rains (sediakan payung sebelum hujan) You might not know what the future might hold but it's a good thing if you have a plan anyway..

I just thought this was funny.. ^^,


cik riffa :) said...

best best ;D

Arif Azmi said...

HAHA.. thanks.. ;)

cik riffa :) said...

anda dah di tag :)

recent post :

nafsu tak terkawal

Revablogspotlive said...

im thinkng,, should i write the comment in english?? then i say yes! but still my english is not really good!! uhu3..

just wanna say wow! keep writing in english,so that i can keep reading in english..then we both can improve these language together :)

que sera,,que sera,,que sera..
what will be,,will be..will be..
i love this song damn much!

Arif Azmi said...

It doesn't matter if your English is good or not.. What matters is that we strive to achieve the best in our lives.. Surely we can accomplish more that way.. ^^,

Ouh? Thanks.. :).. I will try to post more in English then..

Likewise.. I enjoy the song myself..


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