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Friday, 18 March 2011

My Pointer's Going Down..

Some of you will be going.. What? You've got to be kidding..

All spot questions that you got hit the spot.. I agree.. I didn't say it didn't.. But that is also the main reason why I believe my results are going to deteriorate this semester..

Where are the justifications you ask?

Fact 1: I don't study as much if I know what questions are coming out.

Fact 2: I tend to get overconfident when I get the questions during the exam.

Fact 3: I will always get overexcited when I answer the questions until I don't have enough time to answer. (MTC 037 Part C)

Fact 4: I always think I know everything.. Until I get the questions.. (Not all spot questions come out mind you)

So.. These are my justifications for why I think my pointer will go down.. I bet some of you might have some other factors why you think a similar situation might occur to you.. But, regardless of whatever happens.. I know my results will be a mirror of me.. At least that's what everyone else will say.. *Duh

So.. Instead of being sad.. I should look at pictures like this one below..

If you think your pointer is going down too.. I suggest you do the same.. :P

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