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Monday, 28 March 2011

Memories Fade.. But The Scars Still Linger..

As I lay on my bed, I ponder upon the events that have unraveled around me throughout my life.. Emptiness fills my heart.. None more can be said about it..

Laughter.. Giggles.. Smiles..

They mean to me nothing but mere memories.. Occurrences in the past that haunts us.. Though most of us would certainly adore the idea of living in the past.. That is, if the memories were worth reliving.. If they weren't, then we would be more keen on looking into the future.. Even if the future is obscured.. One would only prefer it when the past has shed scars in our mind..

Every moment in life we discern emotions.. As those are the thoughts that are memorized by us most in memories.. When we remember something.. We often feel these feelings as it bolsters our spiritual being.. We perceive memories mostly in emotional states.. We forget the details.. Time and time again we reconstruct the scenes in our heads with only what pleases us..

By now you would have realized that I have been rambling about.. Talking about memories.. But I am sure you have dwelled in your past and relived some of the moments that have inspired you in your life.. What I want to convey here is that.. Keep those memories in mind.. They are the reason why you are who you are.. They are the reason you are here today.. It is okay to reminisce the past.. So long as you don't forget that you are living in the present.. And that the future is always upon us.. No matter how rough the current situation is.. Just remember..

You've made it this far.. Why stop now? If you do.. All the memories you have kept in your mind will go to waste.. Those scars came into existing for nothing..


Nia Ilemor said...

this post rings a bell...
"past is a good place to visit but definitely not a good one to stay" :)

Arif Azmi said...

HAHA.. yeah.. it kinda does doesn't it? :)


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