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Monday, 21 March 2011

Bored At Home? Let Me Help.


If you are really bored, then you would've waited until the word appeared.. :P

I guess if you were reading this in the first place.. Then you must be bored.. HAHA.. Okay let me give you some suggestions on the things that you can do if you are bored..

1. Do not press the red button.
I found this amusing for awhile.. :D

2. Go out for a walk.
I know.. It's not exactly what you would describe as fun but seriously.. Get a fresh breath of air.. It's better than being couped up in your room.. :P.. When you are outside.. Take time to appreciate nature.. Look at people.. Look for inspiration.. Maybe you'll learn something!

3. YouTube
I guess you've watched YouTube before.. But what have you been searching for exactly? Maybe you should find other things to search for.. Examples include movie trailers.. Then you can decide what movies to watch next time instead of just going there and taking time to decide.. :)..

4. Get updated
Most teenagers don't get updated with the things around them.. I mean their usual reasons include, "We're too busy", and "I have assignments!".. So what about now? Now you're free.. Do something beneficial.. Read the news.. You have so many choices from The Star, BBC, Reuters, Bernama, and even Bloomberg..

5. Get in contact with friends!
Seriously, some of when at home are good as out of sight out of mind.. I mean seriously? You're at home and suddenly you disappear.. As if you never existed.. Maybe some socializing can be good for you.. Relationships have to be built somehow.. Since you don't have anything better to do.. Maybe you can start talking to the guy or girl you've always wanted to know better.. Who knows.. Maybe sparks will fly? :D

6. Get a new hobby
Well, hobbies are supposed to be beneficial stuff.. But who defines what is beneficial to us? Ourselves right? So if it fills up our time and it is not illegal  and we want to do it.. Then I guess its a hobby.. :P.. Have you tried Blogging? Drawing? Reading? If not, why not try? Most probably you can do those free of charge.. So why not?

7. Learn
You could always opt to learn something.. A new language maybe? Or even learn about the cultures of another country.. You could also learn about the possible subjects that you are going to take next semester (if you are a university student of course).. When you learn.. What do you lose? You get information.. You get to know new things.. So learn away!

8. Ermm
You know what.. I'm out of ideas.. Maybe you should ask Mr. Google? HAHA


Cheah said...

arif i think you need to do number 5 :) HAHA

Nia Ilemor said...

haha, funny che ah XD
btw arif, have you ever heard? only boring people feel bored :P

Arif Azmi said...

Cheah: grrr.. -.-"
Ain: :P.. Well.. I didn't say I was bored.. LOL


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