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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Arrr!! :D.. Study Group!!

Hi-ho thar!

I get keal hauled pretty quick 'n I be predictin' thats when ye discover new thin's.. So that's what happened t' me just now.. Aye, me parrot concurs..
I get bored verily quickly and I be predictin' I just happened t' have time t' play around with the Facebook translations.. So I tried the pirate translations and I got t' admit. Tis' pretty amusin'. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Okay.. Enough with the pirate talk.. :P.. Moving on to business.. Study week for me is one of the most boring weeks of all time.. So it's going to start next week and I'm not too amused.. I better start arranging study groups from now on.. :/.. Anyone interested do tell me.. I need to get as much information in and out of me ASAP..  (Out meaning I have to teach)..

Well.. Teaching has been one of my methods of studying for awhile now.. (Yeah.. It's weird) But, everytime I teach.. The thing that I am teaching about automatically goes into my head.. Not to say that I'm that smart to be able to teach people.. (I'm really trying not to be cocky here) I refer to notes mind you.. So if I sound like I know something.. Its probably because I've told someone else about it before you.. The thing that makes studying in a group fun is that everybody knows a little bit of something.. So when you compile 'em together.. BOOM.. You get a wide range of information in front of you.. Thats what I did last semester.. But last semester I had this one friend, Farah.. I used to do study groups with her.. Since this semester she is no longer here.. I really need to find another study group.. Or more.. So.. I guess that's it..

*Yeah.. I realize it sounds kinda like a plea.. Please be my in my study group.. Wooo.. Please... HAHA.. But seriously.. I just want to learn.. I can't learn on my own.. :P.. That's just not me..

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