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Sunday, 20 March 2011

5 blogs.. :)

So here's the thing.. I have 5 blogs.. :D.. Four of 'em are in English.. But I'm starting another one in Malay.. LOL.. I've always wanted to write a Malay blog mind you.. Seeing that my Malay isn't that good.. In fact.. I dare say it is very bad.. I've always envied certain bloggers that write in Malay..

Examples here and here..

Yeah.. They might use a little English once in awhile but it doesn't matter.. I still read every post they publish.. Word after word.. Stunning.. :D.. To me.. It's not the vocabulary that matters.. It's how they convey their messages.. How they structure their sentences.. Those are the things that make them unique..

That is what makes a blog great.. The presentation.. How they write.. That's what makes me blog.. It runs in my blood.. LOL.. Okay.. That was too much.. :P..

Here is the link to my Malay blog by the way.. I doubt there is a post when you open it.. But.. Try.. :P

PS: I guess by now you realize i have changed my blog layout.. HAHA.. If you have any comments about it tell me.. :P

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