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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

UiTM Law Foundations is Now Only Two Semesters

All these while.. I've had countless individuals who have told me that next semester.. The new law foundation students will only be taking foundations for two semesters. I am not one to be easily influenced by such tales if there are no justifications. I do apologize if I have doubted some of you because here are the proof that there is no more 3 semesters for law foundations anymore..

This is the E0600 program

This is the E0601 program (which was before this 3 semesters)

If you can't read them either click the picture for a better view or go to this link.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Memories Fade.. But The Scars Still Linger..

As I lay on my bed, I ponder upon the events that have unraveled around me throughout my life.. Emptiness fills my heart.. None more can be said about it..

Laughter.. Giggles.. Smiles..

They mean to me nothing but mere memories.. Occurrences in the past that haunts us.. Though most of us would certainly adore the idea of living in the past.. That is, if the memories were worth reliving.. If they weren't, then we would be more keen on looking into the future.. Even if the future is obscured.. One would only prefer it when the past has shed scars in our mind..

Every moment in life we discern emotions.. As those are the thoughts that are memorized by us most in memories.. When we remember something.. We often feel these feelings as it bolsters our spiritual being.. We perceive memories mostly in emotional states.. We forget the details.. Time and time again we reconstruct the scenes in our heads with only what pleases us..

By now you would have realized that I have been rambling about.. Talking about memories.. But I am sure you have dwelled in your past and relived some of the moments that have inspired you in your life.. What I want to convey here is that.. Keep those memories in mind.. They are the reason why you are who you are.. They are the reason you are here today.. It is okay to reminisce the past.. So long as you don't forget that you are living in the present.. And that the future is always upon us.. No matter how rough the current situation is.. Just remember..

You've made it this far.. Why stop now? If you do.. All the memories you have kept in your mind will go to waste.. Those scars came into existing for nothing..

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Creative and WTF Ads..

Hehe.. This is a very creative advertisement that is both touching and hillarious.. :)

When will Malaysia have advertisements like this?

Oh.. I'm not saying all advertisements from Japan or Thailand are nice.. For example.. This one made me go.. WTF?

And this one just made me go huh?

Now this next one is a bit famous.. After watching this.. I was thinking.. Is that Taylor Swift? LOL

Friday, 25 March 2011

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Okay.. Before you look at the picture.. Play your favorite song.. :D


Does he dance to the beat? :D

If not.. Please comment telling me what song he doesn't dance to.. :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rebecca Black Sings Death Metal Friday! O.O

This is way much cooler than the original song! LOL.. XD.. If you guys haven't heard about the original song.. Then you guys should listen to it first.. Frankly, I am bewildered by the fact that you didn't see it first..

Here's the original song:

Here's the death metal version.. :D:

Enjoy! LOL

Originally found in this blog.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Bored At Home? Let Me Help.


If you are really bored, then you would've waited until the word appeared.. :P

I guess if you were reading this in the first place.. Then you must be bored.. HAHA.. Okay let me give you some suggestions on the things that you can do if you are bored..

1. Do not press the red button.
I found this amusing for awhile.. :D

2. Go out for a walk.
I know.. It's not exactly what you would describe as fun but seriously.. Get a fresh breath of air.. It's better than being couped up in your room.. :P.. When you are outside.. Take time to appreciate nature.. Look at people.. Look for inspiration.. Maybe you'll learn something!

3. YouTube
I guess you've watched YouTube before.. But what have you been searching for exactly? Maybe you should find other things to search for.. Examples include movie trailers.. Then you can decide what movies to watch next time instead of just going there and taking time to decide.. :)..

4. Get updated
Most teenagers don't get updated with the things around them.. I mean their usual reasons include, "We're too busy", and "I have assignments!".. So what about now? Now you're free.. Do something beneficial.. Read the news.. You have so many choices from The Star, BBC, Reuters, Bernama, and even Bloomberg..

5. Get in contact with friends!
Seriously, some of when at home are good as out of sight out of mind.. I mean seriously? You're at home and suddenly you disappear.. As if you never existed.. Maybe some socializing can be good for you.. Relationships have to be built somehow.. Since you don't have anything better to do.. Maybe you can start talking to the guy or girl you've always wanted to know better.. Who knows.. Maybe sparks will fly? :D

6. Get a new hobby
Well, hobbies are supposed to be beneficial stuff.. But who defines what is beneficial to us? Ourselves right? So if it fills up our time and it is not illegal  and we want to do it.. Then I guess its a hobby.. :P.. Have you tried Blogging? Drawing? Reading? If not, why not try? Most probably you can do those free of charge.. So why not?

7. Learn
You could always opt to learn something.. A new language maybe? Or even learn about the cultures of another country.. You could also learn about the possible subjects that you are going to take next semester (if you are a university student of course).. When you learn.. What do you lose? You get information.. You get to know new things.. So learn away!

8. Ermm
You know what.. I'm out of ideas.. Maybe you should ask Mr. Google? HAHA

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Facebook worm eh?

:).. Seriously.. Why did I put the above image? I don't know why either.. LOL.. Anyway.. Here's to any questions regarding the worm spreading around in Facebook through your chats.. Its in Malay by the way.. :P

5 blogs.. :)

So here's the thing.. I have 5 blogs.. :D.. Four of 'em are in English.. But I'm starting another one in Malay.. LOL.. I've always wanted to write a Malay blog mind you.. Seeing that my Malay isn't that good.. In fact.. I dare say it is very bad.. I've always envied certain bloggers that write in Malay..

Examples here and here..

Yeah.. They might use a little English once in awhile but it doesn't matter.. I still read every post they publish.. Word after word.. Stunning.. :D.. To me.. It's not the vocabulary that matters.. It's how they convey their messages.. How they structure their sentences.. Those are the things that make them unique..

That is what makes a blog great.. The presentation.. How they write.. That's what makes me blog.. It runs in my blood.. LOL.. Okay.. That was too much.. :P..

Here is the link to my Malay blog by the way.. I doubt there is a post when you open it.. But.. Try.. :P

PS: I guess by now you realize i have changed my blog layout.. HAHA.. If you have any comments about it tell me.. :P

Friday, 18 March 2011

My Pointer's Going Down..

Some of you will be going.. What? You've got to be kidding..

All spot questions that you got hit the spot.. I agree.. I didn't say it didn't.. But that is also the main reason why I believe my results are going to deteriorate this semester..

Where are the justifications you ask?

Fact 1: I don't study as much if I know what questions are coming out.

Fact 2: I tend to get overconfident when I get the questions during the exam.

Fact 3: I will always get overexcited when I answer the questions until I don't have enough time to answer. (MTC 037 Part C)

Fact 4: I always think I know everything.. Until I get the questions.. (Not all spot questions come out mind you)

So.. These are my justifications for why I think my pointer will go down.. I bet some of you might have some other factors why you think a similar situation might occur to you.. But, regardless of whatever happens.. I know my results will be a mirror of me.. At least that's what everyone else will say.. *Duh

So.. Instead of being sad.. I should look at pictures like this one below..

If you think your pointer is going down too.. I suggest you do the same.. :P

Thursday, 17 March 2011

End Of Semester 2..

Introduction To Law II

Introduction To Social Psychology

Library & Information Processing Skills

Preparatory Course For MUET

Introduction To Critical Thinking

I bid you farewell.. At least for this semester.. :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Fear Compels Us Not To Try..

If you don't understand my original quote.. Let me enlighten you on its meaning..

We as humans.. Tend to fear the future.. Of its possibilities.. Of its consequences.. That we forget that with trying we have taken one step towards success.. Although that step may become as close as you can get to success.. At least you tried.. If you don't succeed in what you want.. You've succeeded in trying..

Dorothy Thompson once said,

"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live"

I'm not an exclusion to this however.. I too am afraid to try.. For fear of rejection.. For fear of losing what is comfortable.. For fear of the unknown..

I urge myself and others.. To do our best in our lives.. To strive and try to achieve what we want.. For that only if we try.. Will we know.. What we are capable of.. And if we fail.. We know.. We can always.. Try.. And try again.. Until..

We finally succeed..

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Arrr!! :D.. Study Group!!

Hi-ho thar!

I get keal hauled pretty quick 'n I be predictin' thats when ye discover new thin's.. So that's what happened t' me just now.. Aye, me parrot concurs..
I get bored verily quickly and I be predictin' I just happened t' have time t' play around with the Facebook translations.. So I tried the pirate translations and I got t' admit. Tis' pretty amusin'. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Okay.. Enough with the pirate talk.. :P.. Moving on to business.. Study week for me is one of the most boring weeks of all time.. So it's going to start next week and I'm not too amused.. I better start arranging study groups from now on.. :/.. Anyone interested do tell me.. I need to get as much information in and out of me ASAP..  (Out meaning I have to teach)..

Well.. Teaching has been one of my methods of studying for awhile now.. (Yeah.. It's weird) But, everytime I teach.. The thing that I am teaching about automatically goes into my head.. Not to say that I'm that smart to be able to teach people.. (I'm really trying not to be cocky here) I refer to notes mind you.. So if I sound like I know something.. Its probably because I've told someone else about it before you.. The thing that makes studying in a group fun is that everybody knows a little bit of something.. So when you compile 'em together.. BOOM.. You get a wide range of information in front of you.. Thats what I did last semester.. But last semester I had this one friend, Farah.. I used to do study groups with her.. Since this semester she is no longer here.. I really need to find another study group.. Or more.. So.. I guess that's it..

*Yeah.. I realize it sounds kinda like a plea.. Please be my in my study group.. Wooo.. Please... HAHA.. But seriously.. I just want to learn.. I can't learn on my own.. :P.. That's just not me..


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