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Sunday, 13 February 2011

UiTM Shah Alam: Mooting Workshop

On Friday, 11th February 2011, a colleague of mine approached yours truly and said. " Dude, are you going to the moot workshop this Saturday?". I solemnly said, "I guess not". If the conversation ended just like that then my post today wouldn't have exhibited such a title.. :P..

So what happened? He replied, "You should go, mooting is fun". So I pondered upon the possibility of going. My inner thoughts were saying, "You have assignments", "It's just for one day", "It's in Shah Alam", "You're so going to be tired", "Mooting will be done in a court setting". The last thought struck me.

I've been taking law subjects but I've never been in a court setting.

So basically that's how I decided to go to the moot workshop. That decision turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in awhile. Not only did I get to scrutinize the Law Faculty more elaborately. I've managed to feel the situation in a court albeit a fake one. Mooting is basically a simulated court proceeding (either an appellate court or an arbitration case) presented with a memorial. Prior to this workshop, I was made understood by others that moot was a long and gruesome process that would take months to research on. The last statement is partially true. That some questions are longer than others are the reason why some mooting competitions need a longer time to prepare for in contrast to the rest. My last sentence didn't seem grammatically correct. :/.. Moving on. The language used was exceptional. Mooting will help in my law subjects as it is the application of law itself. Plus, if I am lucky enough to continue my studies in Shah Alam in the BLS course mooting will be part of the syllabus in part 4.

This experience has been a valuable one. I believe it could be one that can be the start to a future in mooting. God willing. The seniors who have helped us immensely, I personally am thankful for your willingness to educate us all on this topic.

Moving on to the Law Faculty..

This would be where I would be going if I was given the chance to pursue my LLB degree.. :).. At first I was unable to comprehend why there were two parts of the Law Faculty.. Then one of the facilitators who gave the tour told me that this part that I've never ventured into before this was for the LLB students..

How I wish to be a part of the deans list.. :/..

The third floor of the library in UiTM Shah Alam.. Can you imagine the whole floor being filled by only law books.. This picture only shows a small portion of the whole floor mind you..

All in all.. I would say this trip has served as a catalyst for me to work harder to strive for my BLS and LLB degree in Shah Alam.. :)

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