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Friday, 18 February 2011

Maybe You Should Think About Changing Courses..


How did that entry hit you? :P.. Must've hurt eh? Let me give you the full sentence delivered..

"If you think you can't manage your time well during your law foundations.. Maybe you should think about changing courses.."

Basically, for the past week.. I've been scrutinizing everybody.. Seeing all their excuses that law subjects are hard.. That there are loads of assignments.. When in my view.. The truth is..

"There isn't many.."

By now I guess some of my readers are saying..

"You better take that back loser!"
and the occasional..

Well.. For those who are doing law right now.. You have to understand.. We are only in foundations.. There's a reason why they call this foundations..

Foundations - education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge

Even if this foundations in law is hard.. We here in Kuantan have three semesters to finish the whole program.. In Shah Alam.. There is one that uses up only two semesters.. Imagine cramping up three semesters into two!

Now, back to the quote.. Who said this? Well.. The seniors in UiTM Shah Alam.. I remember the exact words that have been uttered by their own mouths.. In foundations, the DL (Deans List) will be abundant.. In BLS they will be an extinct species.. In LLB.. They'll be individuals with no life.. With that being said.. The graph below further intensifies what I am trying to convey to all of you..

*Yeah.. Its a lame graph.. I get it..

But thats not the point.. Regardless of whatever course you take.. Its only going to get harder as you go up.. I've never heard a doctor saying.. "Learning about medical blah blahs is fun.. The higher you learn.. The more simple things are"..

I'm not saying you can't complain.. I'm just saying.. You should brace yourselves if you wish to continue to a higher level of education in law.. Or any courses that you are taking for non-law students.. Although.. I must inform you.. You have to be strong willed.. In whatever you do..

The information in this post only contains my thoughts and beliefs which I have formed under the influence of individuals, occurrences and feelings. At no point at all have I had the intention of attacking any individuals, organisations, or governmental bodies. You have the right to agree, disagree, and even say that I'm crazy in writing this post. I am acting in my own personal capacity.


Wan Nabila said...

pheww nasib baek tesl tade :P duh duh duhh . haha .

btw gotta agree with the entry . bukan nk kutuk or whatsoever , tp there are just some students here that i couldn't imagine being future lawyers (when i see their personality lahh i mean) .

some of them are lazy , and shy and blah blah blahh . makes me wonder , kenape diorang ambek law kalo perangai mcm tuhh ? this is just my opinion lahh coz for me , i always imagine ppl who take laws are outspoken and all that :)

Arif Azmi said...

HAHA.. :D.. Yeah.. This post does sound as if its attacking individuals.. But the main point is to make 'em realize that its just gonna get harder.. If you can't do it here.. What are the chances you will survive in your degree? Your opinions are always welcome here.. And I agree with it.. :)

Nia Ilemor said...

well, i agree with you. even one of my lecturers once said that she thought that TESL is hard, and she scored 4 flat for like what, 5 sems. pheww. nothing is easy btw. strong willed, yes. :D

Arif Azmi said...

Wow.. 4 flats for 5 sems.. O.o.. HAHA.. anyway.. Yeah.. Unfortunately.. Nothing is easy.. :)

AJ said...

Wow! Such a great entry this one!
Make me thinking again bout my situation here. =)

Arif Azmi said...

Glad to be of service.. :D

Azmi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azmi said...

Practice makes perfect, and you have to really like what you're doing to be good at it. I'm only a valuer but I've been involved in enough compulsory land acquisition valuation to be well versed with the Acquisition of Land Act 1960. I've served the clients as expert witness in arbitration and high court proceedings, and served the legal system as an assessor with the privilege of sitting on the bench next to the judge in the High Court and offering my views and advice in his chamber, and have mixed with the legal fraternity to realise that some of them are not passionate about their vocation, exhibiting their lack of knowledge on land matters and relying on my constant input throughout the proceedings. I'm just a valuer, but what makes me different is that I'm passionate about what I'm doing, always looking forward to learning new things, and maybe one day I'll turn to becoming a lawyer instead!

Arif Azmi said...

Yeah!! You go dad.. :D.. Agreed.. I'm behind you 100%.. :D

Anonymous said...

not all law students should be outspoken 24/7, we only be outspoken if there is a 'thing' that made us should to done that.if not thats can be considered as big mouth..don't judge someone based on their personality on surface. being lazy is their choice. maybe them don't want to take this course but they had too. watch out your mouth when you are not from this course because you don't know nothing.

Anonymous said...

wan nabila, are you good enough to be teslian?

Anonymous said...

wan nabila, are you good enough to be teslian?


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