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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Future Lawyers.. CBE.. You Need To Know..

For those of you who didn't know it.. There have been some news going about regarding the road onto becoming a lawyer..

First.. Let me introduce.. CBE.. Source : The Star

I doubt most of you would have opened the link.. :P.. But here are the main points which I believe is crucial to be understood about BCE..

"The Bar Council has been advocating a Common Bar Course and Examination (CBE) since the 1980s as a single entry point to the legal profession for both local and foreign law graduates."

"It is understood that the delay in implementing the CBE is partly due to objections from local universities."

"But it cannot be gainsaid that the quality and standard of lawyers have also declined significantly since the 1980s. There is a common feeling among senior legal practitioners that there is an “abject absence of rudimentary legal skills” among the new entrants."

So basically CBE is supposed to be an exam to help filter or pick the creme de la creme of potential lawyers.. These statistics should open up your eyes..

Also, as of Jan 28, 2011:
> There were 13,346 lawyers; of whom 6,992 and 6,354 are respectively men and women.
> In terms of ethnicity, there were 5,190 Malays; 5,025 Chinese; 2,517 Indians; 485 Punjabis and 129 Eurasians and others.
> In terms of number of years of practice, there were 1972 lawyers with one to three years of practice; 2,037 (three to seven years); 2,983 (seven to 12 years); 4,244 (12 to 20 years) and 2,110 lawyers have 20 years of practice or more.
> In terms of age, 2,384 lawyers were under 30; 4847 (31-40); 3,537 (41-50); 1,648 (51-60) and 930 lawyers were aged 60 and above.
All these information has been extracted from The Star.. :)

My opinion? 
I guess its only logical that such a thing is going to be implemented.. I mean, 1000 lawyers per year? That's a lot.. If you think about it, it should've been executed ages ago.. There's obviously going to be an overflow of lawyers.. By filtering them.. We should get the most qualified individuals who are capable of doing their jobs right.. After all.. They are going to be individuals who will be helping other people to obtain justice.. We only want the best to do just that.. But since there is no clear say on this.. I can only hope whatever happens is for the best.. :)

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