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Friday, 4 February 2011


"Bowling!", cheered one.. "Movie!", proposed another.. Suddenly, before any thought could be given to any of the propositions, "Karaoke!".. By now you might have been wondering what did all this have to do with the title of this post.. In fact, you might be curious about what such an abbreviation could connote.. Well, here it is.. DDO stands for..

Debaters Day Out! :)

On Sunday, 30th January 2011.. The debate club set off to Berjaya Megamall.. Which wasn't really the original plan since for weeks we have planned that the meet would be done in Teluk Cempedak, and not on a Sunday but a Saturday.. So instinctively I was made to think that this gathering would be somewhat boring due to the fact that all the original plans were cancelled out.. I couldn't have been more wrong.. :)..

Back to the first argument.. What would we be doing? So when we got everyone together.. The question was repeated over and over again.. So, being the high caliber leader that I am.. (This is a hyperbole on the next level.. Nothing but mere exaggeration).. I said. "Let's have a chat whilst we have brunch at McDonald's" (Fine, I was hungry, that was the perfect reason to go to eat..) So that explains the above picture.. :P..

So, we chatted and chatted while chomping our food.. It was great fun you see.. Our topics ranged from Disney Princesses to Barney to Sesame Street to Songs to Movies.. Well.. I guess you could say it was all over the place.. But one thing was clear.. We started to grow close as ever.. Not to say we weren't close before.. It's just most of the time we are subjected to formalities that we are presented upon in college.. Here we are free to express ourselves as we are.. We decided to go bowling.. But none of us seemed to be interested in moving from there.. Until Cheah said lets go.. HAHA.. Actually she wasn't the first to say that but I guess her way of saying it seemed like an order.. So we all went to the bowling center..

It was my first time playing with so many people.. I mean I've played with loads of people but not on the same lanes.. I sucked in this game.. I don't know why.. But it didn't matter.. What mattered was seeing things going well.. Someone was so enthusiastic that the individual fell when bowling.. I was concerned but, he walked out laughing.. We all laughed.. :D.. But, you know bowling.. It's fun at first.. Then it's all downhill from there.. So when we finished this activity.. What was next?

A movie! :D.. What movie you ask? The Green Hornet..  So.. Before I tell you about the movie.. Let me tell you about the place that we needed to go to watch the movie.. East Coast Mall.. Obviously.. Since it was in 3D.. (East Coast Mall has 3D movies) I don't know why they don't have it in 2D but heh? It's their movie.. So then.. We were in Mega.. It was raining.. We were thinking.. How do we get there? Someone said.. Lets walk.. And I laughed.. That person wasn't joking.. :|.. So we walked in the rain to get there..

When we got there.. We went to the ticket booth.. I don't know about you guys.. But I've never bought tickets for 13 people.. The funny thing was.. It was in a whole row.. -.-".. The tickets cost RM221.. Not for one obviously.. :P.. But the whole bunch.. So we just bought the tickets and we realized that we had an hour or two before the movie starts.. Thats when some pointed towards the Karaoke center.. I was speechless.. We were going to do all of 'em..

So we did.. We got the VIP or VVIP room.. I don't remember really.. All I remember is that the room was filled with teenagers who sang with all their hearts out.. It really released all the stress that has been kept inside us all these while.. One song after another.. Our hearts were filled with happiness.. I'd love to put pictures but I only have videos.. :P.. So when we were finished.. All of us had at least some problems with our voices.. :P

So then the movie.. It was an okay movie.. Costs a lot though.. RM17.. What do you expect from a 3D movie on weekends? :P.. It was interesting to see that it was to some of the members this was their first time watching a 3D movie.. So what can I say? It was a movie.. HAHA.. I can't say more can't I?

So when we were done with the movies.. We went to pray.. Then we gathered again.. We decided that we would eat dinner together too.. Some suggested Taj.. None gave disapprovals.. So there we went.. Eating.. And again.. Chatting like that was going to be the last day we will see each other..

When we were finished.. It felt as if nobody wanted to leave.. As if everybody wanted to stay a little bit longer.. Even though it was going to be near our curfew soon.. This was evident when I remembered the words "Let's go back", voiced out by different individuals in front of Taj.. But, the voices were ignored as if they were nothing but the mere whispers of the wind.. As the saying goes.. All good things must come to an end.. So we said our goodbyes.. And none else was said.. I shall cherish such moments as memorable ones that I shall carry on until the day I die.. I look forward to the next day out.. :)

More Pictures:

I guess that raps this post up.. :P


Cheah Sudaa said...

for the first time
i finished ur entry. HAHAH :D

Arif Azmi said...

LOL.. Before this you never did? :P

Nia Ilemor said...

I like this! I love you people but I hate 3D movies! HAHA.

Arif Azmi said...

HAHA.. 3D movies.. I gather you got headaches? :P

Anonymous said...

This is what you've been told me just now! =p

Arif Azmi said...

HAHA.. :P.. I guess you should have read my blog ages ago..


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