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Monday, 28 February 2011

A Blend of Feelings.. :)

So many things have occurred throughout last week..
That I am unable to decide which one to talk about first.. :)

Lets start with this one.. :D

The fact that they wanted to do the farewell party on such a short notice was enough for me to go..

The event was scheduled for tomorrow.. But that was fine.. I was at my aunts house when they told me.. It was odd when Ain suddenly said that she wanted to cancel it when I said I might not make it.. So I then thought to myself..

"Meeting them is better than playing GTA IV the whole day.."

So I decided to meet them.. :)..

The next day..

 We got to ECM and had our brunch.. Farah Atiqah was supposed to come but I didn't say anything.. Then we went into the karaoke center..  Then she sent a message saying she wasn't coming.. I showed it to Shainaz and she laughed.. I wondered why.. Then.. I thought to myself.. Its cool.. After a few songs.. Suddenly.. I saw the words "Happy Birthday Song" on the karaoke set.. Before you know it.. Everyone sang..


Then, out of the blue.. Farah came in with this..

And I was like..


HAHA.. Seriously I was touched.. But I couldn't find the right words to say.. I seriously love all of you for surprising me like that.. :D
Thanks guys..

My birthday was on the 27th February if any of you didn't know.. :P.. This year was a special birthday when it was celebrated together with my fellow debate club members.. :D..
At first they told me that the event was a farewell party.. :').. Sob2.. Turns out to be more than that.. Love ya'll.. :D

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