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Monday, 28 February 2011

A Blend of Feelings.. :)

So many things have occurred throughout last week..
That I am unable to decide which one to talk about first.. :)

Lets start with this one.. :D

The fact that they wanted to do the farewell party on such a short notice was enough for me to go..

The event was scheduled for tomorrow.. But that was fine.. I was at my aunts house when they told me.. It was odd when Ain suddenly said that she wanted to cancel it when I said I might not make it.. So I then thought to myself..

"Meeting them is better than playing GTA IV the whole day.."

So I decided to meet them.. :)..

The next day..

 We got to ECM and had our brunch.. Farah Atiqah was supposed to come but I didn't say anything.. Then we went into the karaoke center..  Then she sent a message saying she wasn't coming.. I showed it to Shainaz and she laughed.. I wondered why.. Then.. I thought to myself.. Its cool.. After a few songs.. Suddenly.. I saw the words "Happy Birthday Song" on the karaoke set.. Before you know it.. Everyone sang..


Then, out of the blue.. Farah came in with this..

And I was like..


HAHA.. Seriously I was touched.. But I couldn't find the right words to say.. I seriously love all of you for surprising me like that.. :D
Thanks guys..

My birthday was on the 27th February if any of you didn't know.. :P.. This year was a special birthday when it was celebrated together with my fellow debate club members.. :D..
At first they told me that the event was a farewell party.. :').. Sob2.. Turns out to be more than that.. Love ya'll.. :D

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Future Lawyers.. CBE.. You Need To Know..

For those of you who didn't know it.. There have been some news going about regarding the road onto becoming a lawyer..

First.. Let me introduce.. CBE.. Source : The Star

I doubt most of you would have opened the link.. :P.. But here are the main points which I believe is crucial to be understood about BCE..

"The Bar Council has been advocating a Common Bar Course and Examination (CBE) since the 1980s as a single entry point to the legal profession for both local and foreign law graduates."

"It is understood that the delay in implementing the CBE is partly due to objections from local universities."

"But it cannot be gainsaid that the quality and standard of lawyers have also declined significantly since the 1980s. There is a common feeling among senior legal practitioners that there is an “abject absence of rudimentary legal skills” among the new entrants."

So basically CBE is supposed to be an exam to help filter or pick the creme de la creme of potential lawyers.. These statistics should open up your eyes..

Also, as of Jan 28, 2011:
> There were 13,346 lawyers; of whom 6,992 and 6,354 are respectively men and women.
> In terms of ethnicity, there were 5,190 Malays; 5,025 Chinese; 2,517 Indians; 485 Punjabis and 129 Eurasians and others.
> In terms of number of years of practice, there were 1972 lawyers with one to three years of practice; 2,037 (three to seven years); 2,983 (seven to 12 years); 4,244 (12 to 20 years) and 2,110 lawyers have 20 years of practice or more.
> In terms of age, 2,384 lawyers were under 30; 4847 (31-40); 3,537 (41-50); 1,648 (51-60) and 930 lawyers were aged 60 and above.
All these information has been extracted from The Star.. :)

My opinion? 
I guess its only logical that such a thing is going to be implemented.. I mean, 1000 lawyers per year? That's a lot.. If you think about it, it should've been executed ages ago.. There's obviously going to be an overflow of lawyers.. By filtering them.. We should get the most qualified individuals who are capable of doing their jobs right.. After all.. They are going to be individuals who will be helping other people to obtain justice.. We only want the best to do just that.. But since there is no clear say on this.. I can only hope whatever happens is for the best.. :)

Friday, 18 February 2011

Maybe You Should Think About Changing Courses..


How did that entry hit you? :P.. Must've hurt eh? Let me give you the full sentence delivered..

"If you think you can't manage your time well during your law foundations.. Maybe you should think about changing courses.."

Basically, for the past week.. I've been scrutinizing everybody.. Seeing all their excuses that law subjects are hard.. That there are loads of assignments.. When in my view.. The truth is..

"There isn't many.."

By now I guess some of my readers are saying..

"You better take that back loser!"
and the occasional..

Well.. For those who are doing law right now.. You have to understand.. We are only in foundations.. There's a reason why they call this foundations..

Foundations - education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge

Even if this foundations in law is hard.. We here in Kuantan have three semesters to finish the whole program.. In Shah Alam.. There is one that uses up only two semesters.. Imagine cramping up three semesters into two!

Now, back to the quote.. Who said this? Well.. The seniors in UiTM Shah Alam.. I remember the exact words that have been uttered by their own mouths.. In foundations, the DL (Deans List) will be abundant.. In BLS they will be an extinct species.. In LLB.. They'll be individuals with no life.. With that being said.. The graph below further intensifies what I am trying to convey to all of you..

*Yeah.. Its a lame graph.. I get it..

But thats not the point.. Regardless of whatever course you take.. Its only going to get harder as you go up.. I've never heard a doctor saying.. "Learning about medical blah blahs is fun.. The higher you learn.. The more simple things are"..

I'm not saying you can't complain.. I'm just saying.. You should brace yourselves if you wish to continue to a higher level of education in law.. Or any courses that you are taking for non-law students.. Although.. I must inform you.. You have to be strong willed.. In whatever you do..

The information in this post only contains my thoughts and beliefs which I have formed under the influence of individuals, occurrences and feelings. At no point at all have I had the intention of attacking any individuals, organisations, or governmental bodies. You have the right to agree, disagree, and even say that I'm crazy in writing this post. I am acting in my own personal capacity.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

UiTM Shah Alam: Mooting Workshop

On Friday, 11th February 2011, a colleague of mine approached yours truly and said. " Dude, are you going to the moot workshop this Saturday?". I solemnly said, "I guess not". If the conversation ended just like that then my post today wouldn't have exhibited such a title.. :P..

So what happened? He replied, "You should go, mooting is fun". So I pondered upon the possibility of going. My inner thoughts were saying, "You have assignments", "It's just for one day", "It's in Shah Alam", "You're so going to be tired", "Mooting will be done in a court setting". The last thought struck me.

I've been taking law subjects but I've never been in a court setting.

So basically that's how I decided to go to the moot workshop. That decision turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in awhile. Not only did I get to scrutinize the Law Faculty more elaborately. I've managed to feel the situation in a court albeit a fake one. Mooting is basically a simulated court proceeding (either an appellate court or an arbitration case) presented with a memorial. Prior to this workshop, I was made understood by others that moot was a long and gruesome process that would take months to research on. The last statement is partially true. That some questions are longer than others are the reason why some mooting competitions need a longer time to prepare for in contrast to the rest. My last sentence didn't seem grammatically correct. :/.. Moving on. The language used was exceptional. Mooting will help in my law subjects as it is the application of law itself. Plus, if I am lucky enough to continue my studies in Shah Alam in the BLS course mooting will be part of the syllabus in part 4.

This experience has been a valuable one. I believe it could be one that can be the start to a future in mooting. God willing. The seniors who have helped us immensely, I personally am thankful for your willingness to educate us all on this topic.

Moving on to the Law Faculty..

This would be where I would be going if I was given the chance to pursue my LLB degree.. :).. At first I was unable to comprehend why there were two parts of the Law Faculty.. Then one of the facilitators who gave the tour told me that this part that I've never ventured into before this was for the LLB students..

How I wish to be a part of the deans list.. :/..

The third floor of the library in UiTM Shah Alam.. Can you imagine the whole floor being filled by only law books.. This picture only shows a small portion of the whole floor mind you..

All in all.. I would say this trip has served as a catalyst for me to work harder to strive for my BLS and LLB degree in Shah Alam.. :)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Psychology Test..

Basically.. There's going to be a psychology test tomorrow.. I don't know about you but this isn't my best subject.. :/..

Yeah.. There it is.. It's disabled for now.. But tomorrow at 3PM.. It'll be able to be accessed.. My main concern is mostly spiraling on how to take it.. :/.. If its not a problem.. Then I'll borrow my roommates laptop..

Oh, FYI.. My laptops down for some reason.. :/.. Bummer.. And hey, I might be going to Shah Alam this week for this Mooting event thing..

Going to my title post again.. I've read the notes.. I've done the past year questions.. Still I feel like I am unable to comprehend the subject as a whole.. :(..

Wish me luck? Thanks..

Friday, 4 February 2011


"Bowling!", cheered one.. "Movie!", proposed another.. Suddenly, before any thought could be given to any of the propositions, "Karaoke!".. By now you might have been wondering what did all this have to do with the title of this post.. In fact, you might be curious about what such an abbreviation could connote.. Well, here it is.. DDO stands for..

Debaters Day Out! :)

On Sunday, 30th January 2011.. The debate club set off to Berjaya Megamall.. Which wasn't really the original plan since for weeks we have planned that the meet would be done in Teluk Cempedak, and not on a Sunday but a Saturday.. So instinctively I was made to think that this gathering would be somewhat boring due to the fact that all the original plans were cancelled out.. I couldn't have been more wrong.. :)..

Back to the first argument.. What would we be doing? So when we got everyone together.. The question was repeated over and over again.. So, being the high caliber leader that I am.. (This is a hyperbole on the next level.. Nothing but mere exaggeration).. I said. "Let's have a chat whilst we have brunch at McDonald's" (Fine, I was hungry, that was the perfect reason to go to eat..) So that explains the above picture.. :P..

So, we chatted and chatted while chomping our food.. It was great fun you see.. Our topics ranged from Disney Princesses to Barney to Sesame Street to Songs to Movies.. Well.. I guess you could say it was all over the place.. But one thing was clear.. We started to grow close as ever.. Not to say we weren't close before.. It's just most of the time we are subjected to formalities that we are presented upon in college.. Here we are free to express ourselves as we are.. We decided to go bowling.. But none of us seemed to be interested in moving from there.. Until Cheah said lets go.. HAHA.. Actually she wasn't the first to say that but I guess her way of saying it seemed like an order.. So we all went to the bowling center..

It was my first time playing with so many people.. I mean I've played with loads of people but not on the same lanes.. I sucked in this game.. I don't know why.. But it didn't matter.. What mattered was seeing things going well.. Someone was so enthusiastic that the individual fell when bowling.. I was concerned but, he walked out laughing.. We all laughed.. :D.. But, you know bowling.. It's fun at first.. Then it's all downhill from there.. So when we finished this activity.. What was next?

A movie! :D.. What movie you ask? The Green Hornet..  So.. Before I tell you about the movie.. Let me tell you about the place that we needed to go to watch the movie.. East Coast Mall.. Obviously.. Since it was in 3D.. (East Coast Mall has 3D movies) I don't know why they don't have it in 2D but heh? It's their movie.. So then.. We were in Mega.. It was raining.. We were thinking.. How do we get there? Someone said.. Lets walk.. And I laughed.. That person wasn't joking.. :|.. So we walked in the rain to get there..

When we got there.. We went to the ticket booth.. I don't know about you guys.. But I've never bought tickets for 13 people.. The funny thing was.. It was in a whole row.. -.-".. The tickets cost RM221.. Not for one obviously.. :P.. But the whole bunch.. So we just bought the tickets and we realized that we had an hour or two before the movie starts.. Thats when some pointed towards the Karaoke center.. I was speechless.. We were going to do all of 'em..

So we did.. We got the VIP or VVIP room.. I don't remember really.. All I remember is that the room was filled with teenagers who sang with all their hearts out.. It really released all the stress that has been kept inside us all these while.. One song after another.. Our hearts were filled with happiness.. I'd love to put pictures but I only have videos.. :P.. So when we were finished.. All of us had at least some problems with our voices.. :P

So then the movie.. It was an okay movie.. Costs a lot though.. RM17.. What do you expect from a 3D movie on weekends? :P.. It was interesting to see that it was to some of the members this was their first time watching a 3D movie.. So what can I say? It was a movie.. HAHA.. I can't say more can't I?

So when we were done with the movies.. We went to pray.. Then we gathered again.. We decided that we would eat dinner together too.. Some suggested Taj.. None gave disapprovals.. So there we went.. Eating.. And again.. Chatting like that was going to be the last day we will see each other..

When we were finished.. It felt as if nobody wanted to leave.. As if everybody wanted to stay a little bit longer.. Even though it was going to be near our curfew soon.. This was evident when I remembered the words "Let's go back", voiced out by different individuals in front of Taj.. But, the voices were ignored as if they were nothing but the mere whispers of the wind.. As the saying goes.. All good things must come to an end.. So we said our goodbyes.. And none else was said.. I shall cherish such moments as memorable ones that I shall carry on until the day I die.. I look forward to the next day out.. :)

More Pictures:

I guess that raps this post up.. :P


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