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Thursday, 6 January 2011

History repeats itself..

So.. I guess I shouldn't really say I'm disappointed with my MUET results.. But, if I do.. I'd be nothing but a hypocrite.. I'd be smearing my own dignity by faking my emotions.. So.. To make it clear.. I'm not exactly satisfied.. But, I suppose it could have been worse..

So, what's up with the title?

You do remember my post in which I shared my 1st semester results? This one.. Well, I wasn't the only one who achieved that pointer.. Farah Atiqah got the exact same pointer as me.. So, what does this have to do with anything?

She got Band 4 too..

So, I'm wondering now.. If you were still here.. You would  presumably have a bright future..

 Seriously, things are going quite nicely.. The assignments so far have been awarded quite high marks.. I was mostly surprised on an assignment in regards of a client named Omar Shariff.. Where we were awarded 5/5.. :).. Hope things go as smooth as this the whole semester.. Owh, and I am considering retaking the MUET examinations.. :P

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