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Friday, 21 January 2011

2011 Resolutions..

:).. Well I guess I'm a bit left out when it comes to writing my resolutions.. ;p..
But, it doesn't matter.. It either now or never right? :D
Truth be told.. I've had these resolutions fluttering around in my mind like butterflies since last year.. :P.. It just never seemed to be of the utmost importance to compose a list.. Until I realized I wasn't following these abstract commitments.. So here they are and the rationalizations behind them..

  1. To oblige myself towards conversing whilst applying euphemistic languages. The justification is that many a times have I distressed other individuals using my somewhat dysphemistic approach..
  2. To cultivate my rather inferior English speaking prowess. As I have often found that my ability in using the English language has in fact, deteriorated since the SPM examinations..
  3. To further intensify my understandings of the subjects which are being expounded to me in lectures. This is to enhance my chance of acquiring preeminent results in the finals..
  4. To advance my presence to those who wish to ameliorate their apprehension of law subjects. This is because such individuals often are more inquired about the subjects than others, thus they have the tendency to contribute towards a higher standard of perspicacity in regards of courses of study.
  5. To develop a tendency to become more amicable. It is to of great displeasure to others that I am often too engrossed with my ideas that I have not even considered theirs.. Therefore this year I have made it a point to try to accept foreign concepts into my mental drafts.

Well.. I do hope such resolutions can be followed through the whole year.. As I have clearly stated in my 4th resolution.. Anyone who wishes to learn about the subjects in class and doesn't mind me tagging along.. Please do inform me.. I would love to be a part of your study group.. :)

Hopefully.. My resolutions are far from being resolutions as depicted in the following comics..


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