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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thinking Of Becoming A Lawyer..

Yesterday, whilst everyone was tied up watching football.. I was busy researching on my assignments.. (Yeah, right).. Fine.. I was mostly on Facebook.. But I was talking to a close friend who is currently in UIA.. Yeah.. Farah Atiqah.. :D.. Talking to her made me think a lot.. It made me realize.. I'm really going to be a lawyer.. Or at least I want to be one.. InsyaAllah.. I will.. We talked about the steps after getting a degree.. That I should pursue my syariah and masters in UIA.. This is me planning my future.. :).. Hopefully such dreams will come true.. The whole time.. In my mind.. I was thinking..

I'm on my way to become a LAWYER

I'm not scared of it.. It's just.. I never really thought I would have made up my mind after all these years.. You know what I intend to express right? We've been bombarded with questions like, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", "What are your future plans?", and "What will you be doing when you grow up?" since kindergarten..  Every reply I give will often be given without much thought.. "Doctor", "Engineer", "Computer Analyst", "Architect", "Software Engineer", "Game Designer", and even an "Entrepreneur".. Those were my answers which always came halfheartedly.. You don't expect a 10 year old to specifically tell you his imaginary future plans do you? But, those were answers I gave before I entered secondary school.. In secondary school, my answers are more consistent with my interests.. "Psychologist", "Counselor", "Psychiatrist", and "Lawyer".. I found that I was more interested in being a lawyer during my fifth year in secondary school.. Hence, the reason I'm in UiTM Kuantan doing my foundations in law..

I learned more about the Malaysian legal system yesterday.. Especially regarding the procedures needed to start or open a case.. Who are the plaintiffs.. Who are the defendants.. What is the writ of summons, and what is it supposed to do.. Tort.. Civil Law.. It's becoming more and more apparent.. I'm doing this.. I'm on my way..

Thanks Farah.. You've made it all clear.. :D.. What am I to do.. What our plans are in the future.. The various roads I would be required to endure.. Before my dreams can come true.. So here's what I promised.. You are someone who always makes me feel touched.. :P.. I'm serious.. Every single moment I talk to you.. I see my future as, becoming a lawyer.. You always put it straight out.. What am I supposed to accomplish.. What are my goals.. Without you, I would probably be going with the flow.. Not planning out for the future.. I'd probably still be playing around..

No words can describe you.. You are indescribable.. Perfect in your own way.. A shining pearl marvelously glimmering in the bright moonlit sky.. You are a mesmerizing and radiant individual who can strike into the hearts of many.. Your presence alone can influence others.. Thus, I imply you.. Not to change your traits.. For you have won the approval of many..


Nia Ilemor said...

so sweet both of you!
you will be, insyaAllah :)

Arif Azmi said...

Thanks.. :D.. I hope I will too.. InsyaAllah..


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