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Monday, 27 December 2010

Tagged By Syidazira Yusoff..

I must admit.. It has been awhile since I updated my blog, and as an effect.. My hands feel pretty numb.. Basically.. I have been, 'tagged'.. So, as a recoil I must write a post answering the questions the tagger has answered.. Since her tag was in Malay.. Let me have the pleasure of translating it..

Do you think you are hot?
    The term 'hot' connotes different implications under different situations.. Since there is no distinct provisions stating which hot is meant to be conveyed in this particular situation.. I shall progress this predicament by setting forth an ideal solution, defining such a word.. My definition of 'hot' is having a relatively high temperature.. In which, if such a definition is brought up, I am nowhere near hot.. ;p

    Update the wallpaper that you are using now?
      Odd as it is, I have no clue as to what this question means exactly.. It could be a fault during the process of translating the inquiry itself.. Although I doubt such an occurrence due to the fact that I have failed to comprehend the question when it was in Malay in the first place.. XD

      The story behind this wallpaper?
        Well, this wallpaper, which you can see, is brightly colored.. It is bright in a sense that it illuminates the page.. Which is what I had intended it to do.. There is your scoop behind the wallpaper.. ;p

        The last time you had pizza? 

        I'm not exactly fond of pizza.. That fact alone should make you realize I do not keep a diary that pertains to the partaking of pizza.. :p

        The last song you were listening to?

        Ellie Goulding - Every Time You Go.. Never heard of it? Well the song on my blog? That's it.. ;p
          Other than finishing this post in regards of the tag, what are you doing? 

          Listening to music.. I guess..
            Other than your real name, what are your other nicknames?

            A nickname is a name that I'm comfortable using even if it is not my real name right? If so, I haven't any worth mentioning.. ;p
              Tag another 5 people 

              1. Ain Romeli
              2. Nabila McFlurry (Sorry.. The McFlurry sort of stuck with you.. :P)
              3. Marea Amad
              4. Cheah
              5. Alia Ilani Nasution

              Who is your number 1?

              Ain is one of my friends in UiTM whom I have known before entering the college itself.. She is also among those whom I still have contact with after MDS.. Yes, the previous sentence is quite confusing.. LOL.. Should I do a biography too? She is a debater.. She is a teslian.. She is a.. Hmm.. Golly, I don't know much about you don't I Ain? HAHA.. Kidding.. She's a dean student.. XD.. She's from Terengganu.. She has a fluent American English accent (which makes me very jealous.. :p).. I think I should stop.. There's no end to this.. Right Ain?

              Say something about the person you put at number 5.

              She is very intimidating.. ;p
                    Number 3 is in a relationship with who?

                    Does she have a boyfriend? I doubt it.. She doesn't seem to be interested in one.. (Don't be mad.. :D)
                      How about number 2?

                      Nabila? Hmmm.. I'm not sure.. Do you have one? Xp
                        Express your love to number 4.

                        Owh.. I can't.. She has a boyfriend.. Lalalala~~
                          Give four facts that you know about the people you tagged.

                          Ain - She is timid, has a subscription to celcom broadband (I wonder how I knew), likes korean songs, best friends with Athirah
                          Nabila - She is not timid, emotionally challenged, oblivious to what others say, wears braces
                          Marea - She is very friendly, religious, very active in facebook (in a good way), likes a particular type of tudung (I don't know what it's called)
                          Cheah - Can be very persuasive, has a pink laptop (or netbook), straightforward, wants things done her way
                          Alia - She is free willed, has frequent deep thoughts, often setting goals, lives in KL

                          There you have it! :D
                          Go! Post you tags.. 


                            Vann Halen said...

                            okayy .. :P
                            so do i have to do this too ? :O
                            ps : since when you letak lagu kat blog nihh ? berdebar kejap bile dengar .. mcm seram jea . serious O.O" lagu ape tuhh ?

                            Arif Azmi said...

                            you have a choice.. to do it or not.. ;p.. it's just for fun.. the song? hehe.. baru jea.. terminat nak tuka.. :D.. lagu ellie goulding - every time you go..

                            Nia Ilemor said...

                            wow, that sound like a compliment for me. at least let me take it that way. HAHA. u know too much, i should have been more careful. BWAHAHAHA XD

                            Arif Azmi said...

                            It is.. ;p.. You should.. >:).. I'm very observant..

                            Rain said...

                            particular tudung? :P

                            Arif Azmi said...

                            Yeah.. The one you like to wear.. IDK what its called.. HAHA


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