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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Social Psychology..

"Although we generally do a good job thinking about the social world, we are far from perfect in this respect", - Sir Syahril, MTC039 Lecturer.

One of the most effective ways in excelling in our studies is to apply such knowledge in our real life, for knowledge without application is like a car without fuel (in this argument hybrid/electric cars are negligible)..

One of my favorite subjects in this semester is Introduction to Social Psychology.. I often wonder why subjects in my foundations often connote that their existence is accompanied by a difficulty in describing or defining the subject itself.. Although I understand these subjects do cover a wide and broad scope, it is to my amusement that at certain times it's definitions are in fact derived from the same basic idea that social psychology is in regards of anything to do with relations among humans..

This subject has enriched me in two ways..

One is that it has verified my intuitions in prescribing accounts of human relations.. Secondly, it has extended the skills that I have all these while, tried to hone.. You see, whether we choose to realize it or not.. We have often applied these skills in our life as we have learned from past encounters and experiences.. Social psychology is actually a tool we use everyday, when we socialize or interact with our friends.. Social psychology is what defines us.. The reasons why certain actions are taken.. The reason why in different situations our actions are different..

To me, up until now.. I believe that one of the most controversial issue when it comes to this topic is in regards of judging others.. This subject shed a light on this matter.. It permeated throughout the darkness of uncertainty of judging human beings.. The way we understand others have never been so clear.. The reason why we are so quick in judging others became so clear I now understand the basis of human nature..

Attribution, to regard as a belonging.. In this case, classifying a person into characters or personalities we believe suits the individual.. Attribution is quite an intriguing topic as human nature has fixed our skills in this sector based on our past experiences in which common sense is used.. In social psychology, we separate the fact from common sense.. The study of social psychology revolves around the notion that common sense is often a vague foundation to an assumption.. That common sense can be intersecting with each other but still be correct.. Social psychology believes that behaviors can differ in distinctive situations..

We often perceive others differently with ourselves.. When they do mistakes we relate their mistakes with their internal characteristics in other words, it is their faults.. But, when such a mistake occurs and we are in their positions.. Quickly we blame external factors, such as it's his or her fault.. Such behavior is understandable in social psychology.. It is also one of the reasons why there are two sides of a story.. Therefore, after this, before judging someone.. We should bear in mind.. All the factors that might have contributed to such an event..

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