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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fear Fills Me With Revulsion..

Destiny is a vague subject.. Understanding what it is, is simple by definition.. To acknowledge it? Differs in terms of situation.. Should I have lost a close friend or relative surely only time could mend my broken heart (although I refrain from illustrating such feelings).. But If I lost a pen.. I doubt the duration in which to acknowledge the two destinies would be the same.. Thus going to my point in which destiny brought me to this blog.. It emphasized on the fears that in reality does occur and I felt a need to share my phobias and how it affects my life as an individual..

Aquaphobia - Abnormal and persistent fear of water.
So in this case what does it mean? It doesn't literally mean water as in taking a shower.. I have no problem with that, but aquaphobia relates to being afraid of water in general.. Some define it as afraid to be under the water in any circumstances.. But in my definition, it means fear of drowning and the fear of something that might kill me lurking in the water.. How did such a fear affect my life?

I refrain from swimming in the sea.. Which is troublesome due to the fact that my family often goes swimming in the deep blue sea prominently in vacations.. The last time was in Redang Island if I was not mistaken.. Or was it Pangkor? I also recall Langkawi.. Nevertheless this fear has affected me deeply.. I do swim.. I have the basic knowledge of swimming but the fear still haunts me at times..


Aichmophobia - the morbid fear of sharp things, such as pencils, needles, knives, a pointing finger, or even the sharp end of an umbrella.

I assume the description did the job well.. So I'll continue to the part where I tell you how it affects me.. Well this predicament affected me during my childhood the most.. Nowadays the strain is felt but is much more insignificant than before.. In my younger days just by looking at a pointed object my eyes would feel as if the object pierced through my juicy eyeballs.. Is that a good depiction of how it affected me?
 Telephobia - A psychological condition in which one experiences extreme fear or avoidance of using the telephone. The fear may be more intense with regard to either making or receiving phone calls.

My case is the latter.. In which I fear making or receiving calls.. I'm not sure where this started.. But ever since I can remember.. I had this problem.. To me.. This is the most perplexing fear of all.. Because I never know the exact reason why.. I just don't like calling or receiving calls especially from those I don't know.. Especially? Not only you say? Yes.. Even if I know the person calling.. I still have a problem answering the phone.. I know.. It's bizarre.. But, it's true.. I remember countless girlfriends I never called before.. Just talking in person or messaging was my principle then.. But now.. I am slowly getting rid of my fear.. Maybe you should call me up.. See if I answer.. :P

I suffer from more types of phobia but those are the ones that affect me the most..

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