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Friday, 10 December 2010

Debate.. A Passion..

I was as they call it, "blog walking" today and I came across a blog belonging to one of my closest friends in secondary school.. Jazli.. Where he summarized his debate experience during his secondary years with me and the rest of the schools debate club..
That's me on the left.. The one in the middle is Kak Sarah.. The one on the right is Jazli.. This is in IIUM..

After reading, I began to reminisce the memories which were vividly coming into view.. How we established the debate club.. How we debated in the inter-school debates held in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).. How we participated in HKSBP.. How debate has defined me so much in my life.. How it broadened my perspectives.. How it enriched my mind.. How debate has become a part of me.. It cannot and will not be separated from me.. One of the reasons which lead me to pursue my foundations in law is debates.. But, entering the debate society in UiTM Kuantan has proven to be quite a bedazzling experience.. Things I have never experienced before in my life have come true.. So what are the most significant dissimilarities you ask?

1. I have never been entitled to be one of the main debaters..
In my secondary years.. I have always been the reserve speaker.. Sure.. When a motion is introduced.. The first person they look to when they require information is none other than yours truly.. But in regards of channeling the ideas I was, in simple terms often unappealing.. I wasn't exactly the best conveyor of thoughts.. I usually shy away from such an opportunity.. I was more of the jack of all trades.. I knew every issue.. I could tell you just about anything about any issue then.. They even coined an appellation for me.. "Mr. Facts".. But here in Kuantan.. Most probably because of the format change from Asian Parliamentary to British Parliamentary.. I have no choice but to become one of the main debaters (which mind you is in a team of two)..

Adilah, Amani (DEBATer), Me, and Izzati in Sri Puteri
This is both the Malay and English debate teams combined in SEMSAH (I think)

2. I have never got through the finals..
Yes.. During my secondary years.. The finals were an implausible topic.. Never before have we made it through such a level.. I have only dreamed of debating on stage with an audience.. Then again.. I would have only been the reserve looking at the debate in the crowd.. :\.. Bummer.. But, in Kuantan.. Even though the competition was only between two campuses (Jengka and Kuantan).. I was skeptical of the idea that I would be able to reach the finals.. But I did.. The feeling was utterly magnificent.. It was captivating and breathtaking.. The feeling when the crowd cheers for you on stage? It's simply exhilarating.. An experience like no other..

The ones in the maroon blazers are from my team.. :)
3. The teams..
For every competition participated by my secondary school.. Only one team is allowed to compete in it.. But here? There is more than that.. You can send up to 6 teams.. Which is a big number I might add.. But one thing is different.. In secondary school.. Anyone can join the debate society.. But in Kuantan.. You have to pass auditions.. Meaning membership is limited..

There are more actually.. :)..
Me with Miss Jacqui.. :)

Although there are differences.. There are also similarities.. :).. For one.. I'm still the president of the society.. :P.. HAHA.. We still improve our English through the Debate Society as English is the main language used (obviously).. I remember when I was the president of the debate club in my school.. One of the proof that debaters had good English was when it came to the prize giving ceremony.. All the receivers for the highest marks in English in their forms were from the Debate Society.. One of them was me.. ^^,.. Even the English Language Society didn't use English as their lingua franca.. Which is sad to me.. Because there goes the whole purpose of the society in the first place.. My past debate team members.. Namely Adilah, Jazli, Bhavithra, Izzati, Hafiz, Afiq, and everyone else.. Thanks for everything.. You guys helped me find who I am.. :D.. To my current debate team.. Masturah.. Athirah.. Ain.. Syirah.. Izyan.. Cheah.. Alia.. Kimah.. Aber.. and future members.. :P.. Hope we can acheive more in the competitions to come.. :)

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