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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thinking Of Becoming A Lawyer..

Yesterday, whilst everyone was tied up watching football.. I was busy researching on my assignments.. (Yeah, right).. Fine.. I was mostly on Facebook.. But I was talking to a close friend who is currently in UIA.. Yeah.. Farah Atiqah.. :D.. Talking to her made me think a lot.. It made me realize.. I'm really going to be a lawyer.. Or at least I want to be one.. InsyaAllah.. I will.. We talked about the steps after getting a degree.. That I should pursue my syariah and masters in UIA.. This is me planning my future.. :).. Hopefully such dreams will come true.. The whole time.. In my mind.. I was thinking..

I'm on my way to become a LAWYER

I'm not scared of it.. It's just.. I never really thought I would have made up my mind after all these years.. You know what I intend to express right? We've been bombarded with questions like, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", "What are your future plans?", and "What will you be doing when you grow up?" since kindergarten..  Every reply I give will often be given without much thought.. "Doctor", "Engineer", "Computer Analyst", "Architect", "Software Engineer", "Game Designer", and even an "Entrepreneur".. Those were my answers which always came halfheartedly.. You don't expect a 10 year old to specifically tell you his imaginary future plans do you? But, those were answers I gave before I entered secondary school.. In secondary school, my answers are more consistent with my interests.. "Psychologist", "Counselor", "Psychiatrist", and "Lawyer".. I found that I was more interested in being a lawyer during my fifth year in secondary school.. Hence, the reason I'm in UiTM Kuantan doing my foundations in law..

I learned more about the Malaysian legal system yesterday.. Especially regarding the procedures needed to start or open a case.. Who are the plaintiffs.. Who are the defendants.. What is the writ of summons, and what is it supposed to do.. Tort.. Civil Law.. It's becoming more and more apparent.. I'm doing this.. I'm on my way..

Thanks Farah.. You've made it all clear.. :D.. What am I to do.. What our plans are in the future.. The various roads I would be required to endure.. Before my dreams can come true.. So here's what I promised.. You are someone who always makes me feel touched.. :P.. I'm serious.. Every single moment I talk to you.. I see my future as, becoming a lawyer.. You always put it straight out.. What am I supposed to accomplish.. What are my goals.. Without you, I would probably be going with the flow.. Not planning out for the future.. I'd probably still be playing around..

No words can describe you.. You are indescribable.. Perfect in your own way.. A shining pearl marvelously glimmering in the bright moonlit sky.. You are a mesmerizing and radiant individual who can strike into the hearts of many.. Your presence alone can influence others.. Thus, I imply you.. Not to change your traits.. For you have won the approval of many..

Monday, 27 December 2010

Tagged By Syidazira Yusoff..

I must admit.. It has been awhile since I updated my blog, and as an effect.. My hands feel pretty numb.. Basically.. I have been, 'tagged'.. So, as a recoil I must write a post answering the questions the tagger has answered.. Since her tag was in Malay.. Let me have the pleasure of translating it..

Do you think you are hot?
    The term 'hot' connotes different implications under different situations.. Since there is no distinct provisions stating which hot is meant to be conveyed in this particular situation.. I shall progress this predicament by setting forth an ideal solution, defining such a word.. My definition of 'hot' is having a relatively high temperature.. In which, if such a definition is brought up, I am nowhere near hot.. ;p

    Update the wallpaper that you are using now?
      Odd as it is, I have no clue as to what this question means exactly.. It could be a fault during the process of translating the inquiry itself.. Although I doubt such an occurrence due to the fact that I have failed to comprehend the question when it was in Malay in the first place.. XD

      The story behind this wallpaper?
        Well, this wallpaper, which you can see, is brightly colored.. It is bright in a sense that it illuminates the page.. Which is what I had intended it to do.. There is your scoop behind the wallpaper.. ;p

        The last time you had pizza? 

        I'm not exactly fond of pizza.. That fact alone should make you realize I do not keep a diary that pertains to the partaking of pizza.. :p

        The last song you were listening to?

        Ellie Goulding - Every Time You Go.. Never heard of it? Well the song on my blog? That's it.. ;p
          Other than finishing this post in regards of the tag, what are you doing? 

          Listening to music.. I guess..
            Other than your real name, what are your other nicknames?

            A nickname is a name that I'm comfortable using even if it is not my real name right? If so, I haven't any worth mentioning.. ;p
              Tag another 5 people 

              1. Ain Romeli
              2. Nabila McFlurry (Sorry.. The McFlurry sort of stuck with you.. :P)
              3. Marea Amad
              4. Cheah
              5. Alia Ilani Nasution

              Who is your number 1?

              Ain is one of my friends in UiTM whom I have known before entering the college itself.. She is also among those whom I still have contact with after MDS.. Yes, the previous sentence is quite confusing.. LOL.. Should I do a biography too? She is a debater.. She is a teslian.. She is a.. Hmm.. Golly, I don't know much about you don't I Ain? HAHA.. Kidding.. She's a dean student.. XD.. She's from Terengganu.. She has a fluent American English accent (which makes me very jealous.. :p).. I think I should stop.. There's no end to this.. Right Ain?

              Say something about the person you put at number 5.

              She is very intimidating.. ;p
                    Number 3 is in a relationship with who?

                    Does she have a boyfriend? I doubt it.. She doesn't seem to be interested in one.. (Don't be mad.. :D)
                      How about number 2?

                      Nabila? Hmmm.. I'm not sure.. Do you have one? Xp
                        Express your love to number 4.

                        Owh.. I can't.. She has a boyfriend.. Lalalala~~
                          Give four facts that you know about the people you tagged.

                          Ain - She is timid, has a subscription to celcom broadband (I wonder how I knew), likes korean songs, best friends with Athirah
                          Nabila - She is not timid, emotionally challenged, oblivious to what others say, wears braces
                          Marea - She is very friendly, religious, very active in facebook (in a good way), likes a particular type of tudung (I don't know what it's called)
                          Cheah - Can be very persuasive, has a pink laptop (or netbook), straightforward, wants things done her way
                          Alia - She is free willed, has frequent deep thoughts, often setting goals, lives in KL

                          There you have it! :D
                          Go! Post you tags.. 

                            Thursday, 16 December 2010

                            Social Psychology..

                            "Although we generally do a good job thinking about the social world, we are far from perfect in this respect", - Sir Syahril, MTC039 Lecturer.

                            One of the most effective ways in excelling in our studies is to apply such knowledge in our real life, for knowledge without application is like a car without fuel (in this argument hybrid/electric cars are negligible)..

                            One of my favorite subjects in this semester is Introduction to Social Psychology.. I often wonder why subjects in my foundations often connote that their existence is accompanied by a difficulty in describing or defining the subject itself.. Although I understand these subjects do cover a wide and broad scope, it is to my amusement that at certain times it's definitions are in fact derived from the same basic idea that social psychology is in regards of anything to do with relations among humans..

                            This subject has enriched me in two ways..

                            One is that it has verified my intuitions in prescribing accounts of human relations.. Secondly, it has extended the skills that I have all these while, tried to hone.. You see, whether we choose to realize it or not.. We have often applied these skills in our life as we have learned from past encounters and experiences.. Social psychology is actually a tool we use everyday, when we socialize or interact with our friends.. Social psychology is what defines us.. The reasons why certain actions are taken.. The reason why in different situations our actions are different..

                            To me, up until now.. I believe that one of the most controversial issue when it comes to this topic is in regards of judging others.. This subject shed a light on this matter.. It permeated throughout the darkness of uncertainty of judging human beings.. The way we understand others have never been so clear.. The reason why we are so quick in judging others became so clear I now understand the basis of human nature..

                            Attribution, to regard as a belonging.. In this case, classifying a person into characters or personalities we believe suits the individual.. Attribution is quite an intriguing topic as human nature has fixed our skills in this sector based on our past experiences in which common sense is used.. In social psychology, we separate the fact from common sense.. The study of social psychology revolves around the notion that common sense is often a vague foundation to an assumption.. That common sense can be intersecting with each other but still be correct.. Social psychology believes that behaviors can differ in distinctive situations..

                            We often perceive others differently with ourselves.. When they do mistakes we relate their mistakes with their internal characteristics in other words, it is their faults.. But, when such a mistake occurs and we are in their positions.. Quickly we blame external factors, such as it's his or her fault.. Such behavior is understandable in social psychology.. It is also one of the reasons why there are two sides of a story.. Therefore, after this, before judging someone.. We should bear in mind.. All the factors that might have contributed to such an event..

                            Friday, 10 December 2010

                            Debate.. A Passion..

                            I was as they call it, "blog walking" today and I came across a blog belonging to one of my closest friends in secondary school.. Jazli.. Where he summarized his debate experience during his secondary years with me and the rest of the schools debate club..
                            That's me on the left.. The one in the middle is Kak Sarah.. The one on the right is Jazli.. This is in IIUM..

                            After reading, I began to reminisce the memories which were vividly coming into view.. How we established the debate club.. How we debated in the inter-school debates held in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).. How we participated in HKSBP.. How debate has defined me so much in my life.. How it broadened my perspectives.. How it enriched my mind.. How debate has become a part of me.. It cannot and will not be separated from me.. One of the reasons which lead me to pursue my foundations in law is debates.. But, entering the debate society in UiTM Kuantan has proven to be quite a bedazzling experience.. Things I have never experienced before in my life have come true.. So what are the most significant dissimilarities you ask?

                            1. I have never been entitled to be one of the main debaters..
                            In my secondary years.. I have always been the reserve speaker.. Sure.. When a motion is introduced.. The first person they look to when they require information is none other than yours truly.. But in regards of channeling the ideas I was, in simple terms often unappealing.. I wasn't exactly the best conveyor of thoughts.. I usually shy away from such an opportunity.. I was more of the jack of all trades.. I knew every issue.. I could tell you just about anything about any issue then.. They even coined an appellation for me.. "Mr. Facts".. But here in Kuantan.. Most probably because of the format change from Asian Parliamentary to British Parliamentary.. I have no choice but to become one of the main debaters (which mind you is in a team of two)..

                            Adilah, Amani (DEBATer), Me, and Izzati in Sri Puteri
                            This is both the Malay and English debate teams combined in SEMSAH (I think)

                            2. I have never got through the finals..
                            Yes.. During my secondary years.. The finals were an implausible topic.. Never before have we made it through such a level.. I have only dreamed of debating on stage with an audience.. Then again.. I would have only been the reserve looking at the debate in the crowd.. :\.. Bummer.. But, in Kuantan.. Even though the competition was only between two campuses (Jengka and Kuantan).. I was skeptical of the idea that I would be able to reach the finals.. But I did.. The feeling was utterly magnificent.. It was captivating and breathtaking.. The feeling when the crowd cheers for you on stage? It's simply exhilarating.. An experience like no other..

                            The ones in the maroon blazers are from my team.. :)
                            3. The teams..
                            For every competition participated by my secondary school.. Only one team is allowed to compete in it.. But here? There is more than that.. You can send up to 6 teams.. Which is a big number I might add.. But one thing is different.. In secondary school.. Anyone can join the debate society.. But in Kuantan.. You have to pass auditions.. Meaning membership is limited..

                            There are more actually.. :)..
                            Me with Miss Jacqui.. :)

                            Although there are differences.. There are also similarities.. :).. For one.. I'm still the president of the society.. :P.. HAHA.. We still improve our English through the Debate Society as English is the main language used (obviously).. I remember when I was the president of the debate club in my school.. One of the proof that debaters had good English was when it came to the prize giving ceremony.. All the receivers for the highest marks in English in their forms were from the Debate Society.. One of them was me.. ^^,.. Even the English Language Society didn't use English as their lingua franca.. Which is sad to me.. Because there goes the whole purpose of the society in the first place.. My past debate team members.. Namely Adilah, Jazli, Bhavithra, Izzati, Hafiz, Afiq, and everyone else.. Thanks for everything.. You guys helped me find who I am.. :D.. To my current debate team.. Masturah.. Athirah.. Ain.. Syirah.. Izyan.. Cheah.. Alia.. Kimah.. Aber.. and future members.. :P.. Hope we can acheive more in the competitions to come.. :)

                            Thursday, 9 December 2010

                            I despise you..

                            Douchebag.. There I said it.. You jerk..
                            I often find people displeasing but you've brought it up to a new level..
                            It's people like you that prevent me from socializing from your kind..
                            Get a life loser..

                            You seriously think you're better than me? I've never thought of such things but you? You've not only managed to show your unjustifiable, uncorroborated and chimerical assumption.. You've also made it a point to be an obnoxious oaf..

                            God!! Why the heck is this nincompoop here?

                            If there's one thing I've learned in my life that can be applicable here is that we should never look down on others.. Their potential might not have even been tapped in.. But you? You look down on me as if you're god.. What the heck?

                            P/S: This song is for you.. Enjoy.. :)

                            We Hate You Please Die

                            I can't feel you
                            I can't feel you
                            I can't hear you
                            I can't speak 'cause
                            Love don't stink
                            Love don't stink
                            Love don't stink like that cottage cheese
                            I hear my god in a coma freeze
                            I hear my god in a come freeze

                            I can't feel you
                            I can't feel you
                            I can't hear you

                            I can't speak
                            Cause love don't stink
                            Love don't stink
                            Love don't stink like that cottage cheese
                            I hear my god in a coma freeze
                            I hear my god in a coma freeze
                            Lonely, lonely like you.

                            Thank you.

                            Tuesday, 7 December 2010

                            Fear Fills Me With Revulsion..

                            Destiny is a vague subject.. Understanding what it is, is simple by definition.. To acknowledge it? Differs in terms of situation.. Should I have lost a close friend or relative surely only time could mend my broken heart (although I refrain from illustrating such feelings).. But If I lost a pen.. I doubt the duration in which to acknowledge the two destinies would be the same.. Thus going to my point in which destiny brought me to this blog.. It emphasized on the fears that in reality does occur and I felt a need to share my phobias and how it affects my life as an individual..

                            Aquaphobia - Abnormal and persistent fear of water.
                            So in this case what does it mean? It doesn't literally mean water as in taking a shower.. I have no problem with that, but aquaphobia relates to being afraid of water in general.. Some define it as afraid to be under the water in any circumstances.. But in my definition, it means fear of drowning and the fear of something that might kill me lurking in the water.. How did such a fear affect my life?

                            I refrain from swimming in the sea.. Which is troublesome due to the fact that my family often goes swimming in the deep blue sea prominently in vacations.. The last time was in Redang Island if I was not mistaken.. Or was it Pangkor? I also recall Langkawi.. Nevertheless this fear has affected me deeply.. I do swim.. I have the basic knowledge of swimming but the fear still haunts me at times..


                            Aichmophobia - the morbid fear of sharp things, such as pencils, needles, knives, a pointing finger, or even the sharp end of an umbrella.

                            I assume the description did the job well.. So I'll continue to the part where I tell you how it affects me.. Well this predicament affected me during my childhood the most.. Nowadays the strain is felt but is much more insignificant than before.. In my younger days just by looking at a pointed object my eyes would feel as if the object pierced through my juicy eyeballs.. Is that a good depiction of how it affected me?
                             Telephobia - A psychological condition in which one experiences extreme fear or avoidance of using the telephone. The fear may be more intense with regard to either making or receiving phone calls.

                            My case is the latter.. In which I fear making or receiving calls.. I'm not sure where this started.. But ever since I can remember.. I had this problem.. To me.. This is the most perplexing fear of all.. Because I never know the exact reason why.. I just don't like calling or receiving calls especially from those I don't know.. Especially? Not only you say? Yes.. Even if I know the person calling.. I still have a problem answering the phone.. I know.. It's bizarre.. But, it's true.. I remember countless girlfriends I never called before.. Just talking in person or messaging was my principle then.. But now.. I am slowly getting rid of my fear.. Maybe you should call me up.. See if I answer.. :P

                            I suffer from more types of phobia but those are the ones that affect me the most..

                            Saturday, 4 December 2010

                            Taking things too seriously..

                            There are some things in life we often take too seriously.. This diagram perfectly illustrates what I am trying to convey..

                            Yes, I realize my sense of humor is somewhat salacious.. But, I concede the fact that the youths of today have a lascivious mind, ergo further intensifying the subject matter.. Among the things that people take seriously are for instance is theories about the world ending in 2012.. One in which states that the ancient Mayans predicted such a predicament.. That their calenders only went up until 2012.. Here's something that might make you think otherwise..
                            Another argument that can be brought forward in this topic is understanding the usage of hyperbolic words. For example, "Practice makes perfect".. While one can argue that this is not true due to the fact that nobody is perfect.. The idiom was coined to encourage people to practice to reach an ideal level of skill.. The fact that perfect exists as a destination is understandable.. But the reality is that reaching such a destination is quite preposterous.. Another thing that we might argue based on the idiom is the definition of perfect.. Is it flawless? Or is it simply skillful? Based on the skill, often the idiom when subjected to different situation bears different answers due to the figurative or literal understandings that might emanate in the course of that argument.. This exemplifies the topic that I have brought forth today..

                            Another thing in which I have often had a problem with is when individuals fail to realize the figurative or metaphoric ways of articulating feelings in a song.. They would say things like this song has no meaning when in fact, they failed to realize what the song is trying to portray.. An example, Lady GaGa - Telephone (feat. Beyoncé).. The song is trying to say that Lady GaGa wants to enjoy her life but, obstacles are always diminishing her from doing so.. That was what I heard from the song anyway..

                            But, GaGa told MTV News that this song is about her "fear of suffocation." She explained: Something that I have or fear is never being able to enjoy myself. 'Cause
                            I love my work so much, I find it really hard to go out and have a good time." Gaga added that the phone in the song isn't just a physical phone, but also somebody in her head telling her to keep working harder and harder. "That's my fear - that the phone's ringing and my head's ringing," she explained. "Whether it's a telephone or it's just the thoughts in your head, that's another fear."

                            See? Even I have a problem relating to taking things too seriously..

                            Now what to do?

                            STOP taking these things too seriously..

                            Wednesday, 1 December 2010

                            Debate Auditions..

                            Simple but full of meaning.. Due to the fact that we are in need of more members in the debate society.. We are holding an audition session.. As usual my contributions to the society are very microscopic.. Other than setting the date.. I have no other aid except picking out the topics required for the auditions.. Thanks a bunch to Wan Nurhakimah Balqis.. Fatin Nasihah Jamaluddin.. Masturah Mohamad and to the other debaters for helping out in the preparations for the auditions..


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