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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

UiTM Shah Alam..

Some of you might have known the fact that I went to UiTM Shah Alam for the UiTM Intervarsity Championship Debates or in short UiTM IV.. Basically I killed two birds with one stone.. Firstly, I was made aware of the debate community with its more complex being.. Secondly, I got to tour around in UiTM Shah Alam (hopefully my next stop after completing my foundations)..

So.. Let me explain the part about the debate community.. So prior to this debate competition.. I was only exposed to the DC cup held in UiTM Jengka.. This competition is joined by only two campuses.. Kuantan and Jengka.. So when we debated between each other.. It was apparent our difference in debating skills were very little.. So.. What happened in UiTM IV? Well.. It's like comparing and contrasting the difficulty in answering UPSR (DC) and SPM (IV).. So IV was joined by various institutions of higher learning not only limited to those in Malaysia.. The debaters comprised of many races and ethnics from various countries and backgrounds.. Some Malaysians.. Some were from Uganda.. A few from Iran.. Others, places where you could only begin to imagine the whereabouts of their countries.. Yes.. There were many foreigners.. When we were there.. We realized not only was our debating skills very mediocre.. But our English skills were nothing to be prided of.. Because the English skills possessed by the other participants were obviously on another level.. Some of us had a hard time understanding them.. Even though I didn't have that problem.. I had difficulty replying to their arguments.. I could have replied using simple words but due to their rich vocabulary.. I struggled to keep up with their colorful wordings.. The outcome was pure devastation.. Not only did I confuse the adjudicators at one point.. I confused myself.. It truly was an eye opener to me.. As if I woke up hearing a deep hoarse voice whispering into my ear saying, "You are nothing"..

Now.. The touring part.. Well basically.. I learned more about my law program.. In which only about 20% of students in the foundation program will be able to continue in the Bachelor of Legal Studies (BLS) degree after completing their foundations.. Even if you do finish your BLS.. The entry into the degree needed to become a lawyer or LLB is limited.. So basically.. As lecturers, seniors, and various other sources have stated.. UiTM law graduates are very marketable in a sense that they are more preferred over UIA law graduates due to the fact that to obtain a law degree from UiTM is more difficult in comparison to getting one from UIA.. This explains why pre-law intakes are high in UiTM because the outcome in the end is very low.. Promising highly skilled lawyers.. Okay.. Now UiTM Shah Alam.. The campus surprised me for its gargantuan size.. It was enormous.. The buildings.. The area covered.. They were all beyond my expectations.. Which is good actually.. Traveling in the Rapid KL buses which were frequent made the commute there very satisfactory..

Basically.. UiTM IV has made me understand that I am part of a bigger system.. In this bigger system there are students who perform better than me in certain fields.. This made me feel that I shouldn't walk on this earth thinking I am already good.. I should be thinking that I can be better.. I shouldn't look down on others because there are better students than me.. That I should try my best to overcome my weaknesses even if it means that I will have to swallow my pride and go hand in hand with my rivals.. That we should fight not against but with.. That the world is bigger than you think.. UiTM IV made me a better person..

P/S: Farah Atiqah.. I am holding on to your plan.. Hopefully it will come true.. :).. The truth is without you the atmosphere in the class has changed drastically in my view.. I often wonder how will I cope with your absence.. I shall follow your advice and I shall strive for excellence.. My spirits will be centered upon your plan.. Always.. I hope we do not lose contact.. You've always been there supporting me in semester one as I have been behind you as well.. But keep this in mind.. I'm still rooting for you in Kuantan.. Keep up the good work.. Hopefully everything goes as according to plan.. I am anticipating the day we both turn up as lawyers.. InsyaAllah..

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