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Monday, 15 November 2010


Today.. As usual boredom was the main agenda.. So I thought to myself.. Maybe I should do something beneficial.. Something others can benefit from.. Then I remembered.. What about timetables? :).. Since the timetable wasn't constructed properly for us to view the time line of it all.. Maybe it was best if I created one that we could all rely on.. :D..

Then I got to work.. Copy paste.. Copy paste.. First from the portal to notepad.. Then from notepad to the word processor.. Then construct the table.. Followed by print screen.. Open paint.. Paste.. Dup.. Dup.. Dup.. And.. There.. ^^,..

So I made the timetable.. Yeah!! Which is very simple.. Since I thought there wasn't a good enough reason to make it nice, mind you.. The next step was to post it in Facebook.. Done.. :D..

So what's the big deal? Well.. What did I find in the next course of 5 hours? Every group made their own timetables too.. That didn't bother me.. What bothered me was that theirs were nice.. -.-".. Oh man.. It was like a competition.. "Who can create the nicest looking timetable for their group?".. That sounded like what the competition is.. I sent my entry too early.. HAHA..

Okay.. Back to the timetable.. :).. It's really nice to see that classes are now only up until 7PM in contrast to the previous 11PM.. -.-".. I can tell you.. those classes make you very sleepy.. Another thing that was nice was that there are no classes on Friday! :D.. Just like last semester..

So after creating the timetable.. I felt that I was nearing the end of the semester break.. That I was nearing university life again.. Lectures.. Study groups.. Assignments.. Studying.. Books.. No Facebook until 5PM.. Wow.. :).. Can't wait..

Owh.. Before I forget.. I'm getting pumped about UiTM IV too.. This debate competition is going to begin in the first week of lectures.. That's like seriously efficient for the debate team.. Hehehe.. Many thanks to Masturah Mohamad and Wan Nurhakimah Balqis for their good work in preparing all the necessary paperwork whilst I laze around at home.. HAHA..


Nia Ilemor said...

OMG, ur so rajin! HAHA. oh my, y do u have to mention IV? =.="

Arif Azmi said...

'rajin' right? :P.. IV? It's very important.. :D.. Did you do your research?? Bwahahahah..


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