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Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Stories People Tell..

When an incident occurs between two people and should it be that only one person is to be at fault.. Most likely there will be two versions of the story told.. Both backing up themselves.. The method the individual depicts the incident is going to convince others that he or she is innocent.. This is a very mediocre occurrence.. To better illustrate what I am contemplating on.. Here is a brief fictional tale that in reality might just occur.. Pick one recount of events then contrast it to the other one..

Two students were quarreling.. In the end, they stopped speaking to each other.. They were the most popular best friends in the class and often were the center of attention.. When they were fighting the class split in two.. Both sides supporting their leader's (namely either one of the popular boys) story..

Popular Boy 1's Story

"We were both hitting on this beautiful girl.. We made a bet to see who could steal the girls heart.. As time went by.. I was apparently winning as I was very persuasive.. But, most probably out of jealously Popular Boy 2 told her that I already had a girlfriend.. Obviously.. I don't.. Why would I want to get another girlfriend if I already had one? It's not like you guys don't know I'm single all this while.."

Popular Boy 2's Story

"We were both hitting on this beautiful girl.. We made a bet to see who could steal the girls heart.. As time went by.. I was intrigued by a message that came out on Popular Boy 1's mobile phone.. Since the message popped out without me doing anything.. I couldn't help but notice another girls name.. I decided to check it out.. It turns out he already had a girlfriend.. By now I wasn't interested on the bet anymore.. All I cared was that the girl isn't cheated on.. So I told the girl we were fighting over what I found out.."

So.. Basically.. There are two sides of the story.. Which one is true? A little on both.. You see Popular Boy 1 had a girlfriend but he was thinking of breaking up with her the minute he got a new one.. Popular Boy 2 did read those messages but his mistake was to ask Popular Boy 2 about the matter.. So who is at fault here? You make the decision.. My point here is that you mustn't judge a person based on what you heard from other people.. Before you go on judging others.. Get to know the person first.. Because you never know the person unless you talked to the person personally.. So what you might have heard about me before.. There might be truths.. There might also be lies.. But keep in mind.. Have you really known me that well to judge me?



Nabila ;D said...

heh kena jadi sherlock holmes kalo nak selesaikan kes nihh :P

tapi im gonna root for boy B . no reasonn :P

Arif Azmi said...

HAHA.. kne jadi private investigator.. :D.. betul2!! Wahh.. boy B.. yg mnjaga hati wanita..


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