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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Programming.. I Think.. -.-"..

Well.. This is true isn't it? :P.. But this isn't what this post is going to be about.. My post today is as the title suggests, about programming.. More specifically.. Facebook programming.. Well.. How did I start looking at such an idea? Here's the answer.. Have you ever wondered how some people make those via BlackBerry or via iPhone or via Nokia 3310 Facebook status updates without having the phones? (with exception to the Nokia 3310)
Well.. My curiosity wasn't intrigued enough to venture on the question.. Until..

*Drum roll please*

A new Facebook status came up via Lawrian Group X UiTM Kuantan.. This made me go.. Wow.. They made applications just to update their statuses? O.o.. Then my urge to study the FBML or Facebook Markup Language suddenly sparked..

:D.. Sorry.. It has always been a wish of mine to do this.. Hehe..

Okay.. So for about two to three hours.. I was studying on the methods of creating an application on Facebook.. The commands were simple enough but the language seemed to be very complex.. (Mind you, its been awhile since I programmed anything) So I thought to myself.. Is this really worth it? There are so many things needed to be done.. In the end I'm only going to update my status through it.. -.-".. So I gave up..

That's not the end obviously.. :P.. I had to ask this particular girl, who developed one of these applications for her group just out of curiosity .. I was amazed at how she mastered such a feat.. So I asked her.. How did she do it? At first she was laughing.. Then she told me something I never thought of before..

The application was made by her.. Yes.. But the programming was done by a third party program from another application in Facebook.. O.O.. You can do that? Yes.. You can.. So then she told me the steps to get to the application.. And in ten minutes.. I updated my Facebook status with an application I 'developed'.. HAHA..

The moral of the story? Sometimes we need to be humble and ask for directions instead of pretending to be a snob and figuring things out for ourselves.. I said sometimes.. :P.. Because at other times.. We might have learned more than we would if we asked..


Rain said...

arif, haha.
yeah, i guess we have to try search by ourself dulu, baru tanya orang.
baru effort to berbaloi :D
big applause for your effort :)

Arif Azmi said...

heheheh.. :D.. yeah..
but sometimes we need to be humble enough to ask for peoples help.. :)
thanks.. :)


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