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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Part 3

Considering the fact that the MUET examinations are to emanate soon.. I wish to ameliorate my English adroitness extending to a point in which its proficiency prevails my previous self.. With that conveyed, allow yours truly to depict a true story.. One in which I have not appropriately have done with.. A tale which haunted me till this very moment.. To better understand this chronicle I insinuate reading Part 1 and Part 2..

Part 3

Two weeks before encountering 'her'.. (If you haven't read part one please do so that you better understand the story)

Nothing soared through my mind other than the lethargy I was in the midst of.. The fact that I just woke up melancholy didn't seem to bother me.. I was more concerned on whether I was going to be capable of arising to another inconsequential day.. First order of business.. MySpace.. (Need I remind you this happened in 2009) So as usual, I went to the computer and started things up.. As the PC started up.. I gazed out through the window.. Gazing upon the blue skies.. Wondering what the day held waiting for me.. As I was approving friends a particular girl commented on my MySpace profile.. Being the gregarious bloke I was.. We continued the conversation through YM.. I thought my conference with her was mild.. Nothing sparked.. It was more on gibber.. Nothing to be bragged about.. But as I was about to find out soon she had seen things through another view.. This was going to act as the clincher in my near forthcoming.. The factor which will annihilate my jubilant future..

A month after.. (This is where part two occured.. And I got a girlfriend which has no relation whatsoever with the girl above)

I was deliriously happy.. My life was like a ship sailing through the calm seas.. I was savoring each moment of it.. It felt as if I was on cloud nine.. Never before have I felt such contentedness in my life.. Little did I know that my merriment will be evanescent.. For that night a message found its way into my handphone..
"Hi Arif, I miss you.. Why don't we catch up? :).."
My heart started pounding faster.. I was perplexed.. Why miss me now? Why miss me at all? I hesitantly answered with,
"I don't know where you are going with this but I should tell you I have a girlfriend now."
I thought to myself maybe she won't bother me anymore until she sent me this message,
"I can't believe you did this to me! I love you! How could you do this to me? I can't believe this. Why did you do this?"
The next few days were days full of torture and torment.. As she kept pestering me with messages saying she was sad and couldn't let me go.. I even stopped answering her messages just to make a point to her to stop.. But she didn't.. I told my best friend.. She came up with an ingenious proposition.. To impersonate my girlfriend and to enlighten her about the situation she was in.. At that very moment as I was audacious.. So I speculated that it would work.. I couldn't have been more misconstrued.. For its denouement was not one to be favored..

At first nothing was apparent yet.. So I assumed everything was back to normal.. The girl did not message and my girlfriend didn't say a word about anything.. Until, my girlfriend told me something that shivered me to my bones.. It turned out that she ended up foul-mouthing my actual girlfriend in MySpace.. My girlfriend couldn't stand it.. She was accused of so many treacheries.. I was astouded that she was still with me.. I had to cease such acts.. And fast.. How could I leave her crying hurt whilst it was my fault to begin with.. When she told me she was considering separating.. That is where I flipped.. I was outraged.. Where did the trail to the felon lead to? My best friend.. This was where it got out of hand..

I marched into the preparation class red-faced, fist-clenched, and determined.. The class not only felt my presence but the aura made them wonder.. What was to ensue? Why is it to emerge? Questions spurred in their minds like a pandemic out to annihilate the human race.. All these emotions could be remarked just by observing their faces.. As I walked by.. All I could think off was to admonish her of her malfeasance.. Then I finally got to her table..

You could imagine all the things I said that lead her to cry.. If you do.. Please do multiply it by at least three.. Because in the end.. Nobody won.. I lost my best friend and my girlfriend.. Who were at that time.. Among the most loved individuals I know of..


Nia Ilemor said...

Bad Arif *geleng2 kpla

Arif Azmi said...

HAHA.. saye innocent.. O:)

Rain said...

sedih. ;'(

Arif Azmi said...

personally part 1 seems more saddening.. :(.. part 3 ni mcm tak terurus sgt cte dye..


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