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Saturday, 13 November 2010

My MUET experience..

I was thinking of another song..
But, this one seems more clear cut of what I feel..

"You got me defenseless, intoxicated senseless
You cut me so deeply, I must confess

Baby I can't breath, when my arms are around you
Baby it kills me cause now that I found you
Your love is like a weapon girl, I can't live without you
You're so beautiful, it's tearing me apart
You murder my heart"

So basically.. I'm not sure if I did good or bad.. Because for one thing.. I couldn't differentiate between false and not stated.. -.-".. If its not stated.. Doesn't that mean that it's false? If it's false.. Usually.. Isn't it not stated? Then.. The writing.. Question 1, I did 199 words.. But here is the problem.. I didn't talk much about figure two.. How do I? Figure 1 was about the years 2003 to 2008.. Figure 2 was about 2008.. -.-".. So I only touched the surface of Figure two stating that there is a co-relation where the higher the this the higher the that.. Sounds like science.. A hypothesis? XD.. I was going to talk about the cumulative frequency.. But I was reaching the limit of 200.. So I finished early..

The next question had a minimum of 350 words..So I asked for another two or three papers for it.. I think I exceeded 1000.. -.-".. It was about arranged marriage? Err.. So I kept stating my opinion that in our society where the minds of individuals are more open and liberal minded, arranged marriages are almost unheard of.. I gave examples and such but.. Someone told me such practices are still common.. Well.. I don't know..


Nabila ;D said...

tau tape . aku setuju part 'not stated' or whatsoever tuhh . what the ??? *KO*

reading paling payahh . and listening yang bahagian last tuhh hampess .

ps : over kot lagu yang represent perasaan kau tuhh . hahah :)

Arif Azmi said...

HAHA.. tula.. tbe2.. jadik konpius.. apekah? listening? ahahah.. entah la.. apa yg dgr.. tulis jelah.. hahaha.. ye ek? hahaha.. ntah.. lagu ni je yg i teringat.. HAHA


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