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Friday, 12 November 2010

MUET Last Minute Tips..

As the title suggests.. I'm going to give some tips based on what I have read, heard, and seen.. :P.. I know.. I'm not that good.. But my principle has always been, teach others to teach yourself.. If I tell all of you what I know.. I'll be able to retain more information for later.. :D.. So here it goes according to the sequence of tomorrows tests..

Reading (800/3)

Okay this test component is the heaviest of all the other components.. About 40%.. So you should really work hard on this.. It takes about an hour and a half of your life.. :P.. There are 45 questions.. 29 being 3-option questions and the rest 4-option questions.. The fun part about this component is that the answers are multiple choice.. So you will see the answers when doing the test.. Now the problem will probably be identifying the right one.. :D.. There will be six passages taken from various sources..

In this component.. As I was told.. The most important thing is to UNDERLINE the important parts.. How do you do that? Okay.. First.. Read the passage swiftly as the passages often are very long.. Then read the questions.. Now you know what the questions want.. Read the passage again but this time.. Underline the parts you deem as important in regards of answering the questions.. Make sure you understand what the passage is about though.. Sometimes we read but we don't have the slightest clue as to what the passage intends to deliver to us.. Then you can answer the question confidently.. If this doesn't work then cross out the wrong answers one by one just like you did in secondary school.. :P

Writing (800/4)

This component will take you one and a half hour to finish.. It consists of two questions.. Whereby question one is interpretation of information which is based on specific stimuli provided and is usually needed to be at least 150 words and not more than 200 words.. Question two on the other hand is extended writing which is based on a given topic requiring the participant to write at least 350 words.. The questions may request the question to be answered in genres of a letter, report, essay, or an article.. This component makes up 30% of the test..

To me.. This is the hardest component.. The first question is usually presented with visuals in the form of graphs and data.. Now the first thing you need to check is what does the question request? A report? Article? Letter? Or an essay? Then you should scrutinize the the visual.. Look at the title.. Understand what they are all about.. See the scale/unit of measurement carefully.. Then look at the trends (increase/decrease).. Because later you will need to talk about these things.. Examine the relationships of the text and visuals.. Here are some words you can use to describe the graph:

remain steady
increase slightly
decrease dramatically
decrease slightly
increase rapidly
rise dramatically
drop suddenly
stay the same
go up a little
go down slightly

Often you will be forced to draw conclusions from the data.. Then after you write it all.. Check for errors..

Question two on the other hand is harder as it requires more of your thought on a a topic.. Highlighting what the question wants might help you answer the question better as you will be made understood your task to among things, recount an event, describe, discuss, argue, contrast, compare, explain or even analyze. After you know what the question demands.. You should take a minute or two propagating ideas.. Then you move on to the essay.. Basically you should divide the essay into three sections.. Introduction.. Body.. And conclusion.. As we were taught.. The thesis statement should be written in the introduction.. The body consists of the main ideas in which each paragraph is included a topic sentence with supporting details.. Other tips include using transition signals such as furthermore, finally, whereas, on the other hand and the like..

Listening (800/1)

The last time I checked.. There were three parts.. This paper will weigh you 15% of the 100% marks you will have to strive for.. So for this part.. It shouldn't be that hard.. Don't get frustrated if you think you did bad in the end.. Because you still have the reading and writing parts which weigh about 40% and 30% respectively.. Obviously the audio will be repeated twice.. I think we all remember that part though..
So the thing is.. You have to first know what you want to find out.. Before the audio is turned on.. If I am not mistaken.. They will give you about one minute to read the questions.. Now.. When they say this.. Do not skim the questions.. Read and understand what the questions wants.. This is so that you won't get caught up during the audio is played.. When you know what to look for.. It would probably be easy for you to spot the answer..

Usually the answers are in order but, you never know.. So pay attention to everything the audio says.. In regards to what the answer should look like.. You shouldn't worry too much because there are usually more than 5 answers to a question.. As long as the answer has the meaning that the question intends us to have.. For example, if the audio says "The cat was eating lasagna".. And the question was.. "What was the cat doing?".. The answer could be.. "Eating lasagna, Consuming lasagna, Take nourishment of lasagna, and even Devour lasagna".. So long as the answer has the same meaning needed to be conveyed.. Now do keep in mind of the NOT MORE THAN THREE WORDS.. They're not there just to be decorative in any sense..

There are variables though during the whole listening tests.. Such as how the sounds turn out.. Is it clear? Are you going to be in a comfortable listening area? Does it echo? Now this I can't help.. This part is up to where you take your test.. Whatever it is.. Pray to god it's going to be fine.. :)

So.. That's it.. :).. GOOD LUCK!!

Owh.. Sorry guys.. Speaking?

Speaking (800/2)

Here you are.. :)


Anonymous said...

Este fue un buen artículo para leer, gracias por compartirlo.

Arif Azmi said...

Usted es bienvenido. :)

Anonymous said...

i enjoy exactly how you receive your level throughout.

Anonymous said...

Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

Arif Azmi said...

Thanks guys.. :)

Anonymous said...

Simple and sweet. I’m thinking of starting another blog or five pretty soon, and I’ll definitely consider this theme. Keep ‘em coming!

Ting T3ng said...

I like wt u had written n i will sit for my exam tomorrow, thx for ur tips n it really help especially reading part! can I get ur green light to share ti to my blog?

Ting T3ng said...

I like wat u had written here and I  will sit for my exam tomorrow... thx for ur tips for my last minute prepare, Can I get the green light from u to post tis to my blog?

Arif Azmi said...

please do. :)


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