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Thursday, 4 November 2010


I am unable to comprehend and fathom this..
 But I have this feeling that materialized abruptly.. An occurrence in which I did not anticipate.. :(.. It would have seem to have been but ages that such a perturbation had arisen.. A distress in regards of loneliness.. As if I am excluded from a circumstance that life offered others.. It's as if something has induced psychological symptoms including heightened feelings of depression and anxiety.. I begin to discern such emptiness such that I now comprehend feelings of helplessness.  I began to wander about the blogs and Facebook profiles of my ex's inquisitive of how they ended up.. A number of them are doing great.. As for the others, the opposite.. As I gaze upon their lives.. I now ponder whilst scrutinising my emotions.. How about me? Am I doing good? I perceive the word "good" as when one achieves a state in which a person is contempt or happy with their lives.. Now I repeat the same structure of the sentence with another question in mind.. Have I achieved a state in which I believe I am contempt or happy with my life? As I deduce all the variables present in my everyday life.. I find that most of the time I am.. But there are times where I feel a tad bit on the down side..

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