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Monday, 22 November 2010

The Beginning Of A New Chapter..

As I stepped out of the vehicle I could only begin to imagine the uncertainty of the future.. It was akin to predicting ones own death.. A mystery which shall encompass the individual till the time such an occurrence befalls upon us.. As I settled the registration of my stay in the campus.. I held the key given and said to myself, "This is the beginning of a new chapter".


I stood there baffled by the condition of it.. Never before have I witnessed such a desolate room.. My parents advanced in.. In their eyes, a glimmer of hope shone.. "Our destiny is often shaped by our surroundings.. Fear not of this godforsaken room.. For we shall revamp it to a more habitable space for you..", said they.

Just as they foretold.. The room was soon purified of its former being.. The toilet now shimmering, spotless as can be.. The floors were sheathed with a layer of vinyl carpet.. The omitted shower head in the lavatory was replaced by one capable of delivering more than 5 types of water discharges..
After that.. They left.. Leaving me to pioneer my destiny..


Nabila ;D said...

woahh . rajin mengemas ehh . jom jadi housemates ! :p

Arif Azmi said...

hahaha.. :D.. da bilik tuh mmg trok.. :P.. lpasni ikut mood la.. lalala~~


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