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Sunday, 3 October 2010

This Is How I Think..


It's been awhile right? ;).. Well as the title of this blog imposes it.. I shall confer to my dear readers (again if I have any..) The points of which I come across during the duration of any given moment analyzing any sort of situations in my life.. Wow.. That was a mouthful.. Excusez-moi.. J'ai de la difficulté avec ma grammaire récents.. Hehe.. Especially since the MUET tests are closing by..

Anyway, have you guys ever heard about a recipe book called natural harvest? Well.. I'll just show you this picture of the book.. Then you will know why I want to talk about this..

Eww.. Right?

HAHA.. Now you know what this book is about.. Seriously speaking.. What will I think of this? More accurately.. How?

Here is how..

The first thing that comes to my mind is who had the outrageous idea in the first place to cook using semen.. That's just nasty.. Did that guy have a mental issue or had too much time on his hands? Well, my question is also went on to how did he know semen would taste like what.. Did he?? Well.. She?? Erm.. This is awkward isn't it? :P

The second thing is well.. Who in his right mind would purchase such an obscure cook book? Generally speaking.. Anyone who purchases this book seems pretty messed up.. I mean seriously.. In regards of all the flavors in the world.. Why would you choose semen? Are you a sicko just like the author of the book?

Now.. The last one is.. Who will eat this food? Ewww.. You can barf just thinking about it.. You know what? I'll leave it at that.. I'm just getting sick talking about semen pertaining to food.. It's simply a no-no.. Ewww.. I think I might just barf..

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