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Thursday, 21 October 2010

There You Go..

I lost a Friend when she told me something.

Something that made me Lose my mood for the night.

Something that made me Quiver thinking about the things we could, should and would be doing in the future.

This someone was one who entered my Life and made me a better person.

Thought me to see the world in a new Perspective.

I have talked about Her before.

But never did I imagine I would be talking about This.

Even if we've only known each other for only Awhile.

Having you as a friend has Touched me in so many ways.

You are one of the most Reliable person I know.

You are the one who is the most Social-able.

You are the most Hardworking one.

The debate club just lost a talented debater and promising secretary.

But it bothers me the most that I've lost a Friend whom I have grown accustomed to.

Whatever you do in your Future, I wish you the very best Farah Atiqah.

I can't do much. I can only dedicate you this song. Taylor Swift - Breathe (feat. Colbie Caillat).

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