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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Semester 1.. Friends and All.. (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my previous post which are respectively in regards of my fellow comrades who have had a huge impact on my life in UiTM Kuantan.. :)

Haha.. Not much can be said about you my friend.. ;).. You are very silent most of the time.. But you are the only guy I tell secrets to.. Hopefully we get to be roommates next semester.. Since we are in the same group and usually do assignments in the same group.. Being nearer should help us with work more.. You are discreet which is one of the things I find as a profound quality in you.. We are similar in a number of ways.. Such as our shared interest of preferring to keep it down in our rooms.. It irritates me to see others who disturb others..
Ashraf Rezza

Ahh.. My roommate during semester one.. I couldn't say it better.. We are somewhat different in our understandings sometimes.. And I shall leave it at that.. You possess a fetish for cleanliness which is a good quality I rarely see in a male.. Throughout the time I have been a roommate to you.. I see that you are very sensible and practical.. I would love to apologize to any misunderstandings or wrongdoings I have  brought up during our stay together.. I wish you good luck in your future undertakings..

Nur Shainaz

 Shy, HAHA.. Contrary to her name.. You are not shy.. :P.. Of course, that is only my opinion based on my experiences.. XD.. We fight a lot don't we? Over the most ridiculous things.. I guess it's just to fill the boredom.. :).. But I can tell you one thing.. It sure is fun.. :D.. Although often you say you are aggressive.. I find you not.. I think you're just strong-minded.. That's all.. Since I do go to the library once in awhile.. I keep seeing you there.. You really are hard-working aren't you.. ;P.. Another thing I find in you which is endearing is that you are broad-minded.. It's easy to communicate with you without the fear of hurting your feelings.. Although I often almost cross the lines.. Don't I? :P.. Sometimes you are naive.. Which is kind of amusing really.. HAHA.. But as a conclusion.. I believe you are very friendly.. :)

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