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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Semester 1.. Friends and All.. (Part 1)

This post is dedicated to all my friends in UiTM Kuantan.. Even though we've only known each other just for a little while.. I'd like to say thanks to those who made me feel at home.. Some may say I lack a social life.. I would like to beg to differ.. Although I may at times seem choosy when it comes to socializing.. There are a few that have made me more comfortable (to say the least) whilst I have occupied the campus.. Before I move on.. I would like to apologize to those whom I have not mentioned their names in this post.. It doesn't mean that you have not contributed anything in my life.. It is just that it might have slipped out of my head.. My sincere apologies are at hand if such a situation occurs.. Do take note I am only human.. And I am not perfect.. If you personally believe that you have played a big role in the months that I have spent in UiTM.. Please.. Do not hesitate to contact me.. The names in which I will elaborate on are not in any order.. It is done.. Randomly..

It's not the first time I talked about you right? ;).. You my friend have been well.. Everywhere.. LOL.. Kidding.. What I mean is.. I see you in more places than anyone else.. We both are in debates.. When it comes to debates we mostly are together eh? HAHA.. We are also in the same group.. And well.. You do outshine others sometimes.. ;P.. Not me though.. Bwahahah.. 3:-).. I look at you as a well rounded person.. You can juggle more things than an average person can.. I guess you do more because your house is near.. Ain't that right? :P.. Hehehe.. But the best thing about you is that I feel that it's easy to share classified information with you.. You have this skill where you make others comfortable around you.. Well, at least that's what I feel.. You are so cheerful.. Energetic.. And easy to approach.. But you always make it clear where the lines of professionalism and personal matters meet.. You are very hardworking.. I've never met anyone who studies as much as you do.. It's a good thing we have discussions once in awhile eh? :).. At least I get some profit from your hard work.. HAHA.. I'm not gonna talk much about your physical being much though.. I mean.. What's there to argue? HAHA.. You are cute.. Beautiful.. Gorgeous.. Okay stop.. I know you're grinning now.. :P

Haaa.. Syiqa.. Syiqa.. You are one of the nicest people that I know of.. :).. It's fun to have a friend like you.. You are very caring.. Sadly we've only connected nearing the end of the semester.. I like the network of friends you have.. They're so welcoming.. It makes it easier for me to accept you as a friend.. But, you know what.. I don't exactly remember how we connected.. :P.. But when we did.. It felt right.. Sadly other people view our friendship in another view.. That's the hardest thing about our friendship.. But, studying together.. Hanging out with you.. Those things make all our hardships worthwhile doesn't it? Watching movies.. Yea.. Remember Piranha? HAHA.. You were so scared.. I mean.. They're just fish.. Blub3.. :P.. I think one of the most fun times with you was in Berjaya Megamall that day.. Remember? Hehehe.. I've done more things with you in a week than most in a semester.. That's where it all sums up..

HAHA.. Sha.. Well.. I can tell you.. I've known you before we entered UiTM Kuantan.. Remember? The old gang back then? We were so into knowing what was in store in UiTM Kuantan we found each other on Facebook.. We used to talk to each other everyday before we entered UiTM.. But, when we got in.. Well.. We didn't talk much right? Hehe.. Sure.. We broke our fast once together.. Watched a movie.. But we went our ways.. And hey, I get it.. We're busy.. :).. You're in another group.. Maybe next semester we can hang out more? You still do owe me a movie.. :P.. P/S: Dekbeng.. Bwahahah..

Hoho.. Muni!! :P.. We met online remember? Hehehe.. We used to talk a lot back then.. Remember when we first came? The lectures didn't even start yet.. But we already went to East Coast Mall.. HAHA.. We still do occasionally talk to each other though.. But not as often as we used to.. But you are very kind as far as I can see.. I know.. Don't praise you much.. You don't like it.. :).. I respect your humbleness.. We do talk to each other if we come across one another.. But since we're in different groups I can see that that seldom happens.. I just wish we had more contact with each other as you are a unique individual which I often have wished to know better of.. Owh well.. There is always the next semester.. ;).. We can catch up if we want to..

I'd love to talk about more of my friends.. But I can't seem to get in contact with them.. After all.. I did write about those people above me with permission.. :P.. Like usual.. I even put their links on their names..

La fin de la première partie

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