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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

MUET Speaking Test

MUET Speaking Test Is Over!!! XD

This is how it all went down..

I went to my sisters school with my sister of course. My MUET speaking test was scheduled at 7:30AM..
So when I went there I was clueless at first of where was I to go. My sister told me the third floor and the most furthest block was to be my destination. So I went there and found the place eventually. When I got in the quarantine room. There wasn't really many people. Just a few. When the time came for the speaking test to be initiated I have already chatted with at least three other candidates.
Mind you, talking to people calms me down. So the people I chatted to were all older than me. Strangely, I didn't feel scared at all. It was comforting that they were all friendly. So when the time came for me to have the test. One of the people who chatted with me was in my group. This made me more relaxed.
But, when we were given two minutes to prep up for the individual speech. I froze. I was blunt. I didn't have any idea what I would talk about. -.-". I jotted some points which were amusing to me. But, that was it. Before you know it. Time was up. I was candidate A. That means I have to start. 
Owh no, I'm doomed. T.T.. I did talk for awhile. I struggled to hold my sentences to a level in which the grammar would be perceived as perfect but I'm not sure if I have achieved such a feat. When I was done, the adjudicators looked at me as if they wanted to hear more. Then one of them said, "You stopped all of a sudden, we were expecting that you wanted to say more as you did such a good job". I was asking myself, were they mocking me? Or were they sincerely praising me?
Nonetheless, I would have never known as when I finished talking I was more relieved to have been able to finish. :D
The other candidates could speak well, which meant I shouldn't have to worry about the next task at hand which was to discuss on the points.
"Candidate D was a good English speaker though", I thought to myself. The discussion went like a flow. Candidate A, which is me, at first argued that his point should be taken. Candidate B, agreed with Candidate A, Candidate C agreed with Candidate A, but, Candidate D agreed with Candidate C's point.
So as we discussed I thought it would be interesting for the examiners if we could change the majority's point into the minorities point. So I decided to differentiate both points and prove that the argument brought out by Candidate D was more substantial than the others. In the end, we agreed on Candidate D's proposal. The examiners looked happy enough. :).. When we finished. I decided to ask Candidate D about her background. She told me she was working and that she was 23. -.-".. She works at a bank. Whoaa~~ She even gave me a ride back home. ;)..

This though is the story of Masturah Mohamad who wasn't as fortunate as I am. It is a very touching story of how things can go wrong. I wrote this with her permission. A story we all can ponder about. How lucky some of us are.

Masturah Mohamad was teamed up with three candidates that she did not know. One of them was a male, the others, obviously female. The male and a female were older than her. At this particular moment, Masturah thought that everything would be okay. She was anticipating for the other participants to be aggressive in giving out their points. But as god had planned it, they failed to show any enthusiasm in the discussion as they did not speak a word. Masturah was candidate B. Candidate A talked but Masturah could not understand what she was talking about. So she didn't get the first point. When Masturah finished giving her point. She was shocked when candidate C and D did not give any points at all. When the time came for candidate C to talk he said with a carefree expression, "I don't have anything to say as I don't have any idea about the task given". One of the examiners were beyond shock! A bigger shock came when candidate D came out. She said, "I don't know what to do as I don't understand anything". Masturah was in utter shock and kept asking herself why didn't she ask about the task if she didn't know anything about it? Then, it came to discussions. Masturah has made up her mind. She wants the point given out by candidate A to be accepted. So Masturah agreed with candidate A's elaboration and she agreed also. The other speakers? They just followed. But then a problem rose. They made a conclusion only after five minutes of talking. They kept on talking and repeating on the same point. It was obvious the two silent camdidates were just here to fill in the conditions. The examiners were looking at them. Masturah felt helpless, devastated, and frustrated. But, throughout the ordeal, Masturah had to keep her cool. She kept smiling at the other candidates when in fact, in her mind, she felt like a hypocrite as she was really annoyed and irritated. Candidate C was the one who ruffled her feathers the most as he displayed a very irritating expression throughout the whole episode. Candidate C cackled and snickered his way through the discussion repeating sentences such as, "I don't know what to say". Its was also annoying to note that he did not even bother to jot down any of the points given.*

*Do note that my story does not reflect everything that Masturah Mohamad has experienced on that faithful day. This is just a mere point of view and understanding of what took place during her MUET Speaking test.

When you read both stories. You think about life. This is how it is. It can be similar to a roller-coaster. Sometimes we are on top. Sometimes we are at the bottom. But if we don't ride it. We won't know how it would feel.


Nia Ilemor said...

still remember that day, i can't believe the two candidates didn't talk at all >.<

Arif Azmi said...

Hoho~~ It's a dark day right? :(..


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