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Sunday, 31 October 2010

I know what you did last semester break..

My attempt at editing pictures using free applications on my iPod Touch seems to have paid off.. :)..
This whole holiday has been quite boring to me.. -.-".. Yes I have gone one a few outings with a few of my friends but those were only for a few days.. Mid Valley twice.. KLCC countless times.. Times Square.. Low Yatt..

So, what did I do? Movies.. Each time I went out.. I wonder though.. Why movies are always a must each time we go out.. But wait.. There was this one time where I didn't watch a movie.. Mid Valley.. Because the lines were so long.. We played bowling instead.. Hehe.. :P

Well.. When the iPod Touch was released in Malaysia.. I was the one who hunted for it for a few days.. Most of the shops would give me this answer.. "Our stocks of the 32GB iPod Touch 4 has just finished yesterday and we have no idea when the new stock will come in".. Wow.. So many people buy this gadget.. -.-".. So I hunted for a few days.. I remember this one day.. I went to KLCC.. Then Mid Valley.. And then Low Yatt.. Wow.. All of these places had no stock.. I went on my own of course.. But, the next day.. I was helping a friend who was also looking for a music player.. He said he wanted a Sony NWZ-W252/G.. But I told him neigh.. You shalt not buy an overpriced product.. You shall search for a more reasonable priced one.. We searched the whole Mid Valley.. For all the MP3's we could find.. Then we got to this store.. Harvey Normans.. They sold a few MP3 players.. But the surprising thing was.. They sold apple products.. And more importantly.. The iPod Touch 4 32GB.. :D.. So i bought it there.. At the end of the day.. I was the one who got what I wanted.. :P

Other than that? Owh.. I did go out and attend this event.. The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with my cousin.. Well.. It was nice to hear an orchestra live really.. The music was soothing.. :)..

The most recent outing was with a friend too.. We watched a movie.. And then we traveled to Times Square from KLCC on the railway transports available.. Mind you, I have not conquered the knowledge of all the stations.. HAHA.. So I was as lost as my friend.. We changed here then there.. Then when we got to Times Square.. She went on a shopping spree whilst I followed..

Well, basically.. Those were what i did the whole holiday up until now.. :)..

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