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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Nak duet raye!!

Money!! Money!! Money!!

I want money!! Duit Raya to be exact.. :P.. I'm 18.. Am I really entitled to this privilege?

If someone gave me this RM100 bill.. I would surely hit him hard as a reminder.. I want REAL money.. :P

So here is a list of things I want if I get enough money this raya.. >:)
  1. iPod Touch (New One)
  2. PS3
  3. PSP
  4. Nokia 5800
  5. Camera (Don't know what model yet.. :P)
HAHA.. I'm so not gettin any of those.. :P How could I? I have no money.. Bwahaha..

Pray for me this raya!! :D

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