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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Being Myself..

"Everybody saying what's not for him
But everything I'm not made me everything I am",
Everything I Am - Kanye West

These are among the lyrics that I simply adore.. The simplicity of it all.. Just two sentences.. But the meanings are so powerful that it encompasses society as a whole.. I may be different from everyone else, but is that a negative point? No.. Not at all.. Why follow others when you can follow yourself? Being yourself is the most significant duty one can do for oneself.. It's all about individuality.. If you think impressing others by merely being a puppet of a given community is important.. Go ahead.. But it doesn't make you valuable.. Be the irreplaceable, not the ordinary (dare I say easily substituted)..  Stand up to what you believe in.. Why be someone else when you can be yourself? So what if it's not cool being you.. At least you're not being a hypocrite.. The saddest part of it all is.. By pretending to be someone else we are lying to ourselves.. So let us all be proud of who we are.. Because that matters the most..

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Logic right?
Hehehe.. What I'm trying to confer here is the fact that in life..
We need to make decisions..
If I choose Social Life and Good Grades, surely I would not get enough sleep.. ^^,..
It would be the same case if i chose two other options, well not two others..
Obviously I would need to change one.. Hehe.. But you get what I mean..

Life is a world full with opportunities.. Seize the moment whilst we still can..
So many choices in life can be made..Which choice we make can vary a lot between different people..
So choose your path wisely.. :D

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Nak duet raye!!

Money!! Money!! Money!!

I want money!! Duit Raya to be exact.. :P.. I'm 18.. Am I really entitled to this privilege?

If someone gave me this RM100 bill.. I would surely hit him hard as a reminder.. I want REAL money.. :P

So here is a list of things I want if I get enough money this raya.. >:)
  1. iPod Touch (New One)
  2. PS3
  3. PSP
  4. Nokia 5800
  5. Camera (Don't know what model yet.. :P)
HAHA.. I'm so not gettin any of those.. :P How could I? I have no money.. Bwahaha..

Pray for me this raya!! :D


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