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Monday, 30 August 2010


Hey.. I'm just updating my blog which hasn't been updated for quite awhile.. The truth is.. I've been writing alright.. It's just I never finish.. :P.. You know me.. Hot hot chicken shit.. :D.. Hihihi~~ I write when I feel like it and I stop when I don't have the mood.. Then I stop indefinitely.. Well, that happens a lot to me lately.. Assignments.. Tests.. Yeap.. All those details of being a UiTM student.. Tiring right.. XD.. I'm not sure what to write about.. I doubt this is even going to be posted.. Hehe.. Well.. Let's start with this..


Hehehe.. Nice right? It's been awhile since I've been single.. I've been in relationships almost continuously.. Seriously.. I need to breathe.. At least for awhile.. For now.. It's been GREAT.. :D.. No need to call her.. Nobody to cry at night complaining about their life, not realizing that your life sucks even more.. Well, I don't mind really, of all those.. It's just the fact that.. I have to do this every single day is just plain torture.. If it only happens once a week.. I'd be okay.. Maybe its just my last girlfriend.. I'm not saying I don't want to have another girlfriend.. It's just I'm enjoying my fresh breath of air.. Aaahh.. Life is so carefree.. Wouldn't it be nice to have a girlfriend who fits in your life.. I mean sure, I have to make a few adjustments in my life, come on be realistic.. We need to change a bit for another person right? :).. There is no such thing as a PERFECT match.. You know what.. Maybe this time I'll go slow.. I used to rush everything.. You know what I mean.. :P.. With a motto like.. The early bird catches the worm.. No wonder I catch worms that aren't suitable for me.. Erm.. Come to think of it.. I should make it slow and steady.. I mean seriously, if that person is for you.. She ain't going NOWHERE right?

Wow, I talk a lot.. :P.. "Anything else you want to tell us?", says the almost nonexistent audience of my blog.. Hehe.. Well there is one more thing.. :).. I got a new laptop.. Specs? Alright.. 

Model: Asus A52J
Processor: Intel Core i5
Display: 15.6" HD
Hard Disk Drive: 620GB

Basically, it's kinda great.. Most people would go.. Woowww.. Thats cool.. But, knowing myself.. I know its flaws.. Especially the graphic card.. Sigh.. Don't get me wrong.. I can play The Sims 3 with full settings on the quality smoothly.. Yea.. It's that good.. But, nevermind.. I'll tell ya later.. :P.. I guess that's it for now.. Till next time.. Tata~~

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