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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Facebook block!?

Nice right? Hehehe.. The website we all love.. HAHA.. But, I need not explain the addiction of this website any further.. Because we all go through it.. :).. I just want to talk about something i've never done before.. But, obviously i just did recently.. Hehehe.. Well not recently exactly.. It's been awhile.. But, the point is.. I did it to someone.. And well.. Life couldn't be much better.. There's this certain individual.. Whom i shall refer to as.. He who shall not be named.. HAHA.. This particular person outshines others with his.. Well, his presence alone bugs me.. But, that's not it.. He likes to interfere with my life as if he knew everything that was going on in it.. It even sparked a debate in well.. Somewhere.. Hehehe.. I wouldn't want to offend him but.. That's just the way he is.. He pokes around in other peoples lives.. That's something I don't like.. A busybody.. He somehow manages to outcast himself from the herd.. He thinks he's better than everyone else.. Always looking for attention.. Wanting to be seen.. Heard.. I mean.. Seriously.. Lay off those things man.. You want to be respected? Earn it.. Not by showing off.. But by setting a good example.. This guy, in fact is a big mouthed attention seeker.. Thinking of himself as cool where in the eyes of others.. He should change the c in cool to an f.. Why do you have to be so loud mouthed? I feel uncomfortable just being around him.. I'm not saying he says bad things about other people.. But, he seems to that type of person.. Buzz off man!! That's why i did the easiest thing to make u disappear in my world.. Sorry to say.. You've been blocked.. I heard others did the same.. If so, I hope he changes.. Some might be able to recognize the person just by reading the header.. Others might from reading the contents.. If you know that person.. You WILL know who he is.. If you have finished reading this.. And you still don't know who he is.. Chances are.. You don't know him..

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