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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Debate Competition!! :D


So, what do I mean by "Debate Competition"?


Simply put, the people that are a threat to me in debating.. :D.. I'm going to talk about them throughout this blog.. HAHA.. Evil right? (^.^).. In my earlier post, I gave general comments on some of the debaters.. In this post, it is going to be more in depth.. HAHA.. Mind you, this post won't be condemning anyone.. It's more on positive traits of individuals.. If these individuals want to know what their flaws are.. Ask me in person.. I shall not by any terms be subjected to post blog posts which attack an individual.. I am not perfect by any means.. I am posting this for the benefit of the individuals involved.. If the individuals do not approve of my comments.. Please do tell me.. I'm doing this to show the individuals what I envy in them.. From now on.. I shall refer these individuals as.. OPPONENTS.. HAHA

The opponents are:

Haha.. Don't be intimidated by her cute looks.. :P.. She is a threat!! With her ever so fluent English.. She hardly has time to stumble on words.. Her points are superbly convincing.. Coupled with a very intimidating style, she is able to make opponents think that they are the ones who are wrong.. Definitely she is a person whom I would have a hard time debating against.. (^^).. I debated against her once.. Sadly, I couldn't find a point to POI her on.. I would anticipate the day we debate in a team.. I would love to see how she actually arranges her points..

Hehe.. Ain.. Yeah.. I know her from before debate.. Facebook obviously.. :D.. But her first impression on me was astounding.. When I heard her speak English.. I was like.. Wait.. Is she a Malay? Because she speaks so smoothely, like a foreigner.. I was simply awed.. I remember the auditions, I was shuttering during my speech.. After me was her, and OMG, she nailed it! No pause at all.. I mean I think I didn't manage to talk until the given time was up, but she, she just kept talking and wow.. Just like fluid.. During debates, she really gets me nervous when debating against her.. I have yet to have the honour of debating with her.. Something I would well, also be looking forward to.. (^^,)

I teamed up with her once, and seriously.. She is a very good strategist.. Before we started to debate, she was like, asking questions, getting answers, making points, setting up arguements, and I was like.. Whaa? So quick!! She wrote so many things on her paper.. I wondered how she would be able to present everything.. HAHA.. But when she presented.. She surprised me, she didn't read much of what she wrote.. It seemed as if she was just going impromptu style.. Freelance.. Without help from text.. I was also wondering where she got some of the points she presented.. When we were discussing.. I doubt she talked about them.. She really me see debates in a new perspective.. :)

Maizatul Izyan

 My first impression of Izyan was.. She seems quiet.. I wonder how well she can speak.. My questions were answered when she got the best speaker in one of the matches.. LOL.. Amazing.. Simply amazing.. She was fluent.. Her style was spectacular.. I couldn't mimic her at all.. Her points were mind boggling at times.. Her rebuts were superb.. But, I can't say much, because I have only seen her in action a few times.. 

Nur Athirah

She is my teammate this coming debated competition.. I believe we have a very good connection in terms of points.. Working with her has been smoothe flowing because she finds points very quickly.. She adapts very fast too.. I was amazed at her wittiness at times.. Particularly during the humour round.. HAHA.. She is so funny at times.. She is very easy to get along with.. (^_^).. I guess thats why we make a good team.. We work together easily.. She is also a good speaker from what I can see.. She has her own style when presenting.. It's also easy to follow on using her points.. (Her points are better than mine) LOL.. (^.^)

I guess that's about all.. (^^,).. If your name isn't included here.. I'm really sorry.. T.T.. It's just that I think I feel some kind of connection with them that made me want to write about them..  Thanx 4 reading.. :D


Saturday, 17 July 2010



Caught your attention there didn't I? Hehehe..


Well, for starters, lets summarize the duration in between the last official UiTM holiday, and the one that has just started.. Hehehe..


Well, Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to Allah for giving me the opportunity to let me continue debating after my secondary years.. Hehehe.. I did pass the auditions.. Which is to me an achievement (even though to others it is nothing to behold).. Because the students in UiTM are really good English speakers.. Some have impeccable command of this language.. In some situations I wonder to myself as to whether English is their mother tongue or not.. Hehe.. They speak English just like water flowing.. It all sounds very smoothe.. I feel very intimidated by their abilities.. Enough of the command of English.. Lets move on to the debates.. Here, I have to learn this new British Parliamentary format.. I'm really not used to it.. But I'm coping quite well.. Here, the debaters learn quickly, some have very good presenting skills which I have failed to accomplish.. I envy those who have minimal errors whilst presenting.. One day, I hope, It will be my turn.. Hehehe.. So, when I first entered the auditions, I only knew one person actually, she goes by the name Ain Romeli.. HAHA.. This is weird because I seldom write peoples names on my blog.. Facebook is the culprit behind this occurrence, as usual.. (^_^).. Now Ain, had a very clear voice, it sort of had a somehow slang to it.. Hehehe.. Very Among the other debaters i remember.. (Sorry if I left you out) Are, Farah Atiqah, who is also my group member.. She had a very good command of English.. When we debated often I would get caught in her points because they're so easy to understand.. HAHA.. Athirah, one of my favourite teammates during debates.. And were bound together for the upcoming debate competitions too.. Now she had points.. I've never seen anyone make up points as fast as she can.. For one second she'll be like.. I have no points.. Then, the next second.. There she is.. Full of points.. (^.^).. Then there's Alia, I teamed up with her once, and wow, she is very structured, wanting to come up with points before giving out the points to team members.. What surprised me the most is the fact that she wasn't reading what she wrote.. It was as if she impromptu the way through.. Izyan, who to me was.. Well, very good.. I envy her style though, coming out with fluency even I cannot challenge.. LOL.. (as if I were fluent).. There are other debaters mind you.. But, you don't expect me to write about them all.. Would you? :P 


Well, just like the above post, there are many students in my group but, seriously, talking bout them all.. You got to be kidding me.. :P.. I can but, not everyone's gonna read this blog.. LOL.. If I'm gonna talk about anyone in this post in regards of my group mates.. I'll be firm in saying.. I won't.. Because we all just met.. HAHA.. So my general acceptance of my group is that.. In certain classes the atmosphere can be tense.. But, in other times, we can have fun.. It's just that, I believe the male and the females have not all bonded together yet.. It seems as if not all the girls get along well yet.. So, I'm touching the surface, and I'm going to say, some of my group members have very impressive control of their language skills, others make up their loses by being brave.. Occasionally one would encounter those who are shy, but actually, they have an inner self that is just waiting to pop out.. :)..


You know.. I don't know how to say it, it's personal.. Too personal.. Sorry.. Maybe later.. In the not so distance future.. It's too long anyways.. :p


Facebook block!?

Nice right? Hehehe.. The website we all love.. HAHA.. But, I need not explain the addiction of this website any further.. Because we all go through it.. :).. I just want to talk about something i've never done before.. But, obviously i just did recently.. Hehehe.. Well not recently exactly.. It's been awhile.. But, the point is.. I did it to someone.. And well.. Life couldn't be much better.. There's this certain individual.. Whom i shall refer to as.. He who shall not be named.. HAHA.. This particular person outshines others with his.. Well, his presence alone bugs me.. But, that's not it.. He likes to interfere with my life as if he knew everything that was going on in it.. It even sparked a debate in well.. Somewhere.. Hehehe.. I wouldn't want to offend him but.. That's just the way he is.. He pokes around in other peoples lives.. That's something I don't like.. A busybody.. He somehow manages to outcast himself from the herd.. He thinks he's better than everyone else.. Always looking for attention.. Wanting to be seen.. Heard.. I mean.. Seriously.. Lay off those things man.. You want to be respected? Earn it.. Not by showing off.. But by setting a good example.. This guy, in fact is a big mouthed attention seeker.. Thinking of himself as cool where in the eyes of others.. He should change the c in cool to an f.. Why do you have to be so loud mouthed? I feel uncomfortable just being around him.. I'm not saying he says bad things about other people.. But, he seems to that type of person.. Buzz off man!! That's why i did the easiest thing to make u disappear in my world.. Sorry to say.. You've been blocked.. I heard others did the same.. If so, I hope he changes.. Some might be able to recognize the person just by reading the header.. Others might from reading the contents.. If you know that person.. You WILL know who he is.. If you have finished reading this.. And you still don't know who he is.. Chances are.. You don't know him..


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