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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

UiTM Kuantan..

UiTM Kuantan

Here it goes.. When I first arrived in Kuantan.. I went to my aunts house in Taman Indera Mahkota if I'm not mistaken.. And there we relaxed for awhile.. But in my mind.. I just wanted to see the rooms and the location of this place.. And if the beds were double decker beds.. I obviously would prefer the bed below (due to my ehem2.. weight issues).. The rumours were true.. UiTM Kuantan is small.. T.T.. Smaller than my last schools' hostels put together.. SMSSMJ you are far bigger I'm afraid.. Huuu~~

Anyway.. The registration there was astoundingly efficient.. I was left in awe when all I did was to show my registration forms and my surat tawaran (sorry, my English skills have dropped a few notches since the SPM examinations.. :P).. And they gave me.. The key to my room..

Wow.. O.O.. Just like that? The next thing I knew.. I was packing my stuff in the room.. Which.. To say the least.. Is very small.. And well.. About the bed?? Yeah.. It's a double decker.. And I got there first!! So I got the one below.. Yeay for me.. :P

The locker? Well.. Not too big a fan of it.. 

The Toilet? HAHA.. :P

Now after all this.. Is the MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa) scheduled to start the next day.. Now.. The REAL registration started today.. Two files.. More forms.. Duhh.. I hate filling up forms.. :P.. Maybe it's because of my 'beautiful writing' which I prefer less people to see.. :P.. Okay.. After registering.. We pushed off to UiTM Jengka Campus.. Which is the main campus in Pahang.. We had to do the orientation there because.. Well.. UiTM Kuantan is very small and is unable to accommodate the orientation week.. At least that's what the OC 's (Orientation Committee Members) say..  Now by now you'd probably be saying.. So.. Where's everybody else? Well.. I'd love to talk about the people.. But I believe firmly.. That I have yet to know the people there yet.. First impressions do matter.. But I think emotionally speaking.. Everybody is still getting used to everything there.. So its not fair for me to judge anyone or say anything about them yet.. But when I asked about my first impression on them.. I'm not surprised at their answers.. Which included.. I'm very serious.. LOL.. Yeah.. I am.. Because so many things are going through my mind.. :P.. Anyway.. Back to the title.. Now MDS went at a slow pace.. Which to me was okay... Just it felt like an eternity.. MDS felt as if I went back to my early secondary years namely form 1.. Which mind you.. Was fun.. But exhausting.. To think about it.. I forgot most of the things that happened.. O.O.. Wow.. I just realised it..

Now.. Don't panic.. :P.. This is what i concluded after the MDS.. The programme is to instill the love of the students to the university itself (should explain why we sang the university song numerous times)..  And to awaken the minds of the bumiputeras' of our current standings in Malaysia.. It's also to strengthen the ukkhuwah between the students in the university.. :)..

I guess that's all I can remember.. Thanks to all the OC's, lecturers, staff and friends who made the MDS an enjoyable week..

Thank You

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AiN.aM.mE said...

d room IS small btw, jealous with d students at kampus puncak alam :p

aiR said...

obviously small.. :P.. puncak alam? i heard they're having a hard time adjusting with the stairs.. :P

AiN.aM.mE said...

couldn't agree more. yeah, d stairs sure r 'awesome' :p


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