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Saturday, 12 June 2010


Have you ever had that feeling.. Where you're all pumped up to write a blog post.. But the second your hands touch the keyboard you wonder what to write about? Well.. It's kind of happening to me at this exact moment.. :P.. I wanted to share on what happened in the lectures throughout the week.. But somehow.. I can't seem to recall any moments worth sharing.. -.-".. All I can say is that the lectures were quite fun.. But.. That's it.. Because most of the things I remember throughout this week.. Is my numerous visits to the nearby malls.. :P.. East Coast Mall.. Berjaya Megamall.. Is that all I can remember? -.-".. If so.. I must reduce these unnecessary visits to the malls.. My wallet isn't getting any thicker going there.. LOL.. With all the books we have to buy.. Money flows like water over here.. We have to purchase our own breakfast.. Lunch.. And dinner.. Which is a big deal to me because all this while.. Its either the food is ready at the dining hall.. Or the maid prepared the food.. Occasionally my parents would bring me out to eat.. But this time.. I have to buy the food.. My money is at stake.. :P.. Now this is really an independent way of life.. Where you have to do everything for yourself.. Bummer.. Another thing is the fact that you're actually free to do as you please.. (In Accordance to the UiTM Rules And Regulations Of Course) The curfew is at 11.. Therefore.. You can go out as you please provided there is no lecture or activities.. Well.. This means.. I can go out.. Whenever I want.. -.-".. Is that a good thing? I'm not particularly sure yet.. There is a lot I still need to get used to here.. Until then.. Life Must Go On..

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