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Saturday, 22 August 2009


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The tale which is to unravel before you is one which was experienced by me during the few months before my trial examinations. Such an experience. An unforgettable one I should add, and it is also one I would like to share.

Within a few days, a series of partial storytelling shall be conducted and I shall try my best to confer everything in a provingly simple manner due to skepticism occurring concerning the misconceptions which can arise whilst such superior language is used.

It is to my own partake that such usage of vocabulary is at my own command and I regret any misunderstandings which may pop out in the duration my social blog becomes viewable. The names might have been changed but the story is true.

I have changed some things to reduce the length of the story for the comfort of readers. Other than that, Please comment showing your concern over the occurrences.

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